Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Way Back To 2016 Election Certification

The media does a great job of making sure we have no recollection of what happened the day before yesterday. Sometimes even yesterday.

Today, questioning the validity of an election is "the big lie", a "danger to democracy", something worthy of being suppressed because it is "counter to our basic American principles" -- whatever those might be today?  Fawning worship of the Deep State, Democrat party, Mass Media, the wealthy?

How soon we forget 2016-2017 and the level of denial of the election of Trump. 

The U.S. Congress on Friday certified the Electoral College vote that gave Republican Donald Trump his victory in the contentious 2016 presidential election after a raucous half-hour joint session punctuated by Democratic challenges.

The Deep State "Russian Interference" witch hunt was a top story and took up countless hours of legislative time,  and was slavishly covered by the MSM. "Not My President" was a common statement. The election was challenged at every level. One of my favorites was the Democrat/media push to have the election stolen in the Electoral College via "unfaithful electors". 

I understand that few Americans can remember as far back as 2000-2001, but W was considered the "appointed president", the "unelected president". 

For 200 years, Americans understood why we had an electoral college. In a nation so vast, there was a real danger of rule by city, with the clear understanding that bringing out huge numbers of "votes", many of which were fraudulent as most understood as they witnessed the "Daley Machine" in Chicago, and "Boss Tweed/Tammany Hall" in NYC. Those were just the big picture examples -- cities were Democrat for reasons of government dependence, unions, patronage, corruption, and other unseemly practice. 

Today, Democrats seek to squash any efforts to clean up the sordid urban election process as "voter suppression", when it is actually "red state vote suppression via urban vote fraud". The HR1 bill seeks to codify voter fraud into the law of the land. 

Even if HR1 can be stopped, we are likely at a point where any party opposing the Democrat, Deep State, MSM machine will be unable to win the popular "vote", since as our founders understood when the created the Electoral College, the practice of running up huge urban numbers through machine politics and outright fraud is just part of of the urban system. 

As Pelosi said at the end of the linked article: 

“That’s why people have some level of dismay today on the vote ... about the Electoral College,” Pelosi said at a news conference. “How much is known about the foreign disruption of our election?”

"Foreign disruption" is pretty much a constant -- we do it to other countries all the time as well. Interfering across a vast nation, most of it "red" is MUCH harder than "interfering" or simply carrying out outright fraud in a few key urban districts.  

The Democrats have made it clear, anything less than single party rule in concert with the Deep State, MSM, and huge corporations is "a danger to the country". That "country" is not America. 

Invalidating a Republican election victory is a "patriotic duty", going back to Nixon. The means change ... with Nixon, Reagan, and HW Bush it was "investigations" ("Iran Contra" ran until HW was defeated in '92).  

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