Saturday, July 3, 2021

F-15s And Nukes


The cadaver thinks you need to have F-15s and nukes to challenge the Wokeistani government. 

In Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, even the pre-pregnant fighter pilot military seemed a bit "challenged". 

Enforcement of gun laws has always been lax, I'm sure we can trust the alzheimer's poster geezer to fix that!

oh, and actually you CAN own a cannon, even today

You can also own a fighter jet (though probably not an F-15 unless you donate a lot to Biden). Interestingly, when I was at the EAA convention, many of the owners of the fighter jets bring their "25-30 something" exceptionally beautiful "daughters" along!

Here is my personal hand cannon  S&W .460 mag. I need it in case the home intruder steps behind the refrigerator. 

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