Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Deconstruction, Revolution

Having read the top linked yesterday, which in summary says "the silent majority is out there, they are just quiet". 

We are in the midst of a revolution, a cultural and racial one, that seeks to refute the past, damn the present, and hijack the future. So far, however, we have only heard from one side, the revolutionaries and their enablers themselves.

We are approaching a very weird election in which one of our major parties is taking a stand in favor of rioting, looting, arson, destruction of federal property, and violent attacks on law enforcement. The Democrats seem to think that this is a winning formula. If it is, our republic is doomed. While we may be in deep trouble, I don’t think we are that far gone yet.

One more thing: perhaps the only non-rhetorical question in today’s hearing came from Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell: “Do you commit to not release the Durham report before the election?” Barr’s answer: “No.” Obamagate is the reason why the Democrats undertook to demonize Attorney General Barr before he was even sworn in. They know it is a chink in their armor, and they have no defense against the facts except to defame the messenger. Hence their over-the-top attacks on William Barr. Whether the Durham report and/or indictments will arrive in time to do any good is another matter.

What we see here is a repeat of the elections during Reconstruction under Grant ... 1869-1877. Now as then, Democrats wanted to defeat the federal government in enforcing the rule of law and the Constitution. From the time of the Civil War, up to and including today, the Democrats remain the party of POWER -- the whip, the lynch mob, the riot, fake elections where voters are intimidated, illegal voters are allowed to vote, or the votes are just "mailed in" to be "counted" by Administrative State Democrats, and maybe most of all, depersonalization and isolation -- be it a white hood or a mask, it is effective! 

Do I still have hope that PL is right, and the Durham report will be decisive? Certainly a tiny bit, however having already seen the fake "Russiagate" totally exposed as the greatest political scandal in American history where the Deep State aligns with the MSM and Democrats to attempt to frame a duly elected President, the scheme is exposed, and the people yawn -- just going back to binge watching
entertainment" -- that hope is very small. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Covid Death Returns To Normal

Not a lot to add ... in the real world, Covid is effectively over ... sure, like many other things, people continue to die at "a rate".

Monday, July 20, 2020

The Covid Coup, Christian Failure

A long but worth it article on what Covid is really about. NOTE -- what I, this author, and nearly all are saying when we question things about Covid is about the RESPONSE to the Covid virus!  Yes, there IS a virus, YES, it is deadly for CERTAIN GROUPS OF PEOPLE, and YES, there are ISOLATED cases of "young healthy people" dying of it!

In my small town, a young boy died from having his tonsils out. Like all such deaths, it is likely under reported (no surgeon wants to admit that this elective surgery "caused" death). So YES, there WILL be a few young healthy people that "die of Covid".

Just as a horrible plane crash does not "prove" that flying is dangerous (just that it isn't perfectly safe), so, a few young healthy people dying of Covid is something that needs to be put in the context of magnitude. Much of what is wrong with Covid reporting and response is that the reporting and response has an agenda that is wildly different than the reporting and response to previous very similar viruses.

I personally believe we humans are quite arrogant to say that we "cause" much of anything -- life and death are in God's hands, pregnancy is a gift, death comes when and how God decrees it will. We ought not be fatalistically careless,  and we certainly would be well served to be REALISTIC in the limits of our oh so limited mortal "power"!

The article makes a solid case for the following:

What history will record as the great COVID scam of 2020 is based on 1) a set of untruths and baseless assertions—often outright lies—about the novel coronavirus and its effects; 2) the production and maintenance of physical fear through a near-monopoly of communications to forestall challenges to the U.S.. ruling class, led by the Democratic Party, 3) defaulted opposition on the part of most Republicans, thus confirming their status as the ruling class’s junior partner. No default has been greater than that of America’s Christian churches—supposedly society’s guardians of truth.
I have been so blessed to have a pastor that did not fail, in fact, he stood up courageously through the entire trial and continued to provide the blessings of Holy Preaching and Holy Communion.

The bottom line here is "Whom do you believe"? Science?  There is no such thing as a "belief in science" -- as Feynman says --  “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. When someone says ‘science teaches such and such’, he is using the word incorrectly. Science doesn’t teach it; experience teaches it”

To put it more simply, scientists don't believe experts or much of anything -- their domain is experimentation, EXPERIENCE!

And so is the Christian believe -- the experience of Communion with Christ through his body and blood! For believing and practicing Christians, "To live is Christ, and to die is gain"! To put our belief in "science" or "experts" rather than Christ to endanger our eternity!

Trust in the LORD!

The Decadent Society

National Review does a great review of this work.

So what is "decadence?

To Barzun, and to Douthat, decadence is a sense of “falling off.” It is repetition, not innovation; satisfaction, not yearning. It is the managed decline of an elite technocracy, not the striving for greatness that marks a civilization on the way to something. It is easy to see how the topic would concern the author, in this age where the American population is so divided over whether America must be made great again.
My definition is;  "the worship of comfort, pleasure, wealth, power and fame vs the worship of God, especially his gifts of radical ideas" -- like God becoming man, or E=MC

Failure to worship God is Hell ... both in this world, and the next. In this world it is boredom, meaninglessness, hopelessness and despair. In eternity? In this world, you can still imagine that suicide is a way out -- I'm sure that one of the things that makes Hell really bad is that you are constantly aware of your total lonely and eternal separation from God and anything "good" -- especially love and companionship. I believe you finally get to be the "god" of your own universe in Hell, and that universe is you -- just a hopeless, sinful, angry, judgmental, hateful, YOU! ... forever. Hell is eternal hate, Heaven is eternal love. 

On that cheery note, I liked what was said in the review of our time as a meme ...

Karl Marx wrote that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. Now, in weekend clashes between basement-dwelling weirdos, we see it occurring a third time: as a meme. That it happens isn’t decadence, but that we pay attention to it surely is. The decline of healthy institutions and the rise of ersatz versions of the same is everywhere, and Douthat is not wrong to see that hollowing out of society as a step on a downward slope.

One of the possibilities for our future was on page 173 ...

The other possibility… is that today’s class war will come to an end when the managerial minority, with its near monopoly of wealth, political power, expertise and media influence, completely and successfully represses the numerically greater but politically weaker working-class majority. If that is the case, the future of North America and Europe may look a lot like Brazil and Mexico, with nepotistic oligarchies clustered in a few fashionable metropolitan areas but surrounded by a derelict, depopulated and despised ‘hinterland.’” 

As easily read and fair assessment of our current state of affairs. I'd recommend "Why Liberalism Failed" over this one, but "Decadent" is more readable.


As is common the "racism" was fake -- no "noose".  Sadly(for the left)  though ...

This is a familiar story. An alleged racist outrage gives rise to the mandatory outpouring of righteous anger, but turns out to be nothing at all. As we and countless others have often observed, the demand for racism greatly exceeds the supply. Incidents like this one turn out to be either hoaxes (most often) or something completely innocuous (also common) just about every time. The fact that the race industry needs to constantly pounce on ridiculous instances like this one tells you all you need to know about the frequency of actual racist incidents in America. If racism were common, not rare, its advocates would have many more real incidents to be outraged about. Instead, they have to make do with imagined ones. 
It is a sad commentary on American life–not that racism is rare, but that so many find it advantageous to pretend that it is common.

On the leftist plantation, "racism" is one of the important whips used to keep the Deplorables enslaved. 

The State Backs Marxist BLM

Well, not just "the state", the leftist state "church" as well ...

The religious fervor underlying these demonstrations is undoubtedly a significant factor in why they have been granted license to supersede legal strictures relating to the pandemic. In some cases, more traditional religious leaders have offered personal legitimation. Cheryl Garbe, senior pastor at First Wayne Street United Methodist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana described witnessing smoke-bombs go off in the parking lot of her church on the chaotic first night of rioting in the city. (Fort Wayne is one of many locales where riots unexpectedly broke out — much of the downtown area remains boarded up.) Subsequently, Garbe made the ‘very tough decision’ to install massive, unsightly wooden boards on the exterior of the church in order to protect the stained-glass windows. ‘I felt like if we did not protect the church and something happened, it would be another reason for people to criticize the movement,’ she said. ‘I felt like to have a church damaged could potentially be destructive to us addressing the issue of social justice.’

As I've said way too often, we ALL worship SOMETHING ... therefore it is critical that we understand that fact and pray for the Grace to be led by the Holy Spirit into the etternal Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ! 

BLM Tears Down Grant, Consistency

I'm about 2/3 of the way through the Chernow Grant Biography, and much appreciated "American Ulysses".

Grant did more than ANYONE including Lincoln to advance the cause of blacks in America. Without Grant (and Sherman) Lincoln LOSES in 1864, President McClellan sues for peace, and the Confederate States of America live on -- with Lincoln being a total failure and butcher.

Here is Frederick Douglass on Grant:

“a man too broad for prejudice, too humane to despise the humblest, too great to be small at any point. In him the Negro found a protector, the Indian a friend, a vanquished foe a brother, an imperiled nation a savior.”

An absolute mandate of left wing thought is "consistency Is NOT an Issue" -- it isn't even a "consideration" -- in fact, consistency in anything beyond slavish agreement and celebration of the left narrative, no matter how INconsistent that narrative is, is a prime leftist virtue. Leftist thought demands INconsistency and "truth" being whatever leftist power says it is.  The prime meaning of leftism is "our power is truth, all else must bow to the power of the left".

Naturally, if whatever is the narrative is today is "truth", than history must be destroyed! History cries out that leftism is a horror, so therefore it must be destroyed and replaced by the "Insoc of today".

They of course believe that they have truth -- "just trust the science" is one example. The problem being that scientific "fact/truth" is only inductively "true", the next test, study, etc may well falsify today's "fact". It may turn out that eggs are not bad after all!  "Settled science" is one of today's cruellest oxymorons.

To be a leftist is to have no problem at all with completely different treatment of Joe Biden and Bill Clinton accused of sexual harassment, vs completely different treatment of Clarence Thomas and Brent Kavenaaugh. The only consistency required for the left is consistent fealty to their dogma. In fact, to be a leftist in good standing, you must be PROUD to support that inconsistency!

God created man to seek him, so we all seek "god" -- very often an earthy idol such as power, wealth, knowledge, or human "virtue", where "virtue" is defined as adherence to some earthly dogma  -- today's favorite being "Woke" --  Secular Humanism's "Flavor Of The Day".

"You will know them by their fruits" is what the Bible tells us. Scribes, Pharisees and the "Woke" proudly signal their "virtue" via a host of mechanisms  -- support for BLM, masks, etc.

The absolutely inhuman task (only possible through the  Holy Spirit) demanded of Christians is to not commit exactly the same sin by proudly signalling our judgement of those fallen to human "virtue" in return. We can "discern" to "be not afraid", and to put God first by continuing to worship and commune, trusting that God is ultimately in charge, and in a billion years he will still be in charge, and these seemingly "important" matters of today will be in perspective.

... and I look forward to having a cigar in heaven with old "Unconditional Surrender" Grant.

Friday, July 17, 2020


A thought provoking discussion of what "community" really is. Here is what it isn't:

You ever notice the flagrant misuse of the word “community”? As in, “the gay community” believes this, or “the Black community” thinks thus and so, because they are monolithic GroupThink people with no individuality? 
If you have competing criminal gangs living a few blocks from one another that have drive-by shootings by fatherless sociopaths, where’s the “community” part? Especially when the stray bullets kill little kids and old ladies hiding in their houses rather than the rival drug dealers. I ask again: how is that a “community” just because they all have the same skin tone? Oh, there were and are definitely black communities throughout this great and good land, but not every neighborhood deserves that appellation just because everybody in it is a shade of the same color.

"Community" is a set of individuals  that may have LOTS of diversity of thought, however due to being in fairly close physical proximity and having similar transcendent beliefs in what is ultimately important -- historically, all some sort of Christian, or at least "God fearing", and American -- as in they actually believe that the written Constitution and the history of America is important, unique, and a critical advancement in world history. Being blessed to live in an exceptional nation and being blessed to freely worship the God of the universe as they saw him were primary -- from there on down, their priorities valued having friendly relations with their neighbors, and treating all people, even their "enemies" with respect and possibly even love.

On the long list of things we have lost, yet many choose to fake like we haven't -- as in "smart mask wearing community" signalling the "virtue" of their "community" over those not wearing masks in some location.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Goodnight Dad

Death remains a reality that we would love to deny, however, like actual real facts, it is a stubborn reality. In this age of postmodern woke relativism, "facts" are very hard to agree on, however death remains a stark fact in defiance of relativism. It is a worthy reality to reflect on rather than avoid.

My dad and I could argue for hours on virtually any topic, and exceeding rare in our time, we truly enjoyed it, He detested Reagan, big business, the military/industrial complex, all the oil companies "in cahoots", and "the rich". Everyone should be limited to a maximum of $50K in wages, anything else was gouging. The idea of an expanding economic pie was always "malarky" for him -- there was only so much, and when you took more, someone else got less.

So, being I thought Reagan was great, the USSR deserved the ash heap of history, I worked for IBM (in the old days, the poster child for big business), I found most military (and other) technology to be cool, I thought oil prices were controlled by supply and demand ... and a host of other differences, we always had great plenty to discuss / argue about -- and then we had ice cream.

This miracle was possible because both of us were trained to discuss without "losing it" by true masters  -- he by his dad, me by him. Men could discuss any issue, it was the foundation of America for sure, and probably just being a man. Being able to state and defend positions was a key virtue.

It was also possible because both of our priority systems at least desired to put God first, then followed by family, friends, and then in some order, things like work, baseball, fishing, FLOWERS (for dad), books (for both of us). At times, on some issues, politics might make it to "5 or 6", but that was was the max -- with God, family and friends being locked at top, and the virtue of NEVER "losing it" being so critical that the shame of such was unconscionable. It worked.

Aside from his perpetually sunny outlook that I will always covet, our age symmetry was a special blessing -- we were 30 years apart, so the 30/60 and 60/90 birthdays allowed us to see things in a perspective that was somewhat unique. I wrote on this after the 60/90.

So the last month or so, I've taken a vacation from Facebook. While dad and I loved to discuss, we never "solved" anything. When the USSR fell, Reagan had nothing to do with it, it was all the greatness of Gorbachev (NPR agreed with him on that).

The discussions WERE "good" -- they certainly helped me know him better, and I assume vice versa. They sharpened our minds. As I retreated from FB, I time travelled back to the Civil War through first "Fierce Patriot" and now Chernow's "Grant", one of the last books dad read.

As BLM shows us, Jim Crow, the 60's riots and much else makes obvious, there isn't much of anything "solved" in this vale of tears. What does sadden me is that not only are we definitely not "progressing", we are clearly regressing. Longstreet was Grant's best man, and after the war, they were friends. Grant's (and Lincoln's) wives were slave holders. Grant and Lee amicably shook hands at Appomattox and had respect for each other as men and warriors.

Today many find the wearing or not wearing of a mask being of more importance than God, family, friends, etc. That doesn't strike me as "progress", however I'm certain that nothing that I say will change any hearts and minds. Only Christ can do that.

In but a little while I will be able to discuss with dad for eternity. I believe there will be discussion in Heaven. Moses and Hezekiah changed God's mind, Jacob wrestled with God and at least sort of prevailed. I personally look forward to shore lunch with Jesus -- and dad.

Facebook is high on my list of temporal trivia. In the face of eternity (or even 100 years) it is as significant as one hand clapping. I'm sure I'll be drawn back in -- I enjoy the "good stuff". The kids and grandkids, the pretty views, support for those going through challenges, important info from my Pastor and other Christian leaders -- I certainly don't want to be a social media scold, especially since it would be just more evidence of my being a hypocrite. All things in moderation.

As a Christian, I suppose I "should" not feel as sad as I do ("should" is a word I seek to banish) -- I have faith, though certainly short of a mustard seed, and no doubt "little" even compared to disciples on stormy seas. A great light in the my existence has been extinguished -- for "a little while".

Goodnight Dad, and sleep tight. When Christ returns for all to see, we will enjoy that eternal morning together.

NY, NJ, MA, Half Of Covid Deaths

"There are lies, damed lies, and statistics"  ... maybe Disraeli, maybe Balfour, apparently through Twain. 
Why is it a true statement? Because one can select the stat that appears to "prove" your point, while ignoring statistics that would appear to disprove it. Like the blind men describing an elephant by which part of it they are feeling, stats strongly depend on selection -- often both in the sampling and in the reporting.

Pretty much, if anyone quotes a raw number, you know that they are lying to you. Without scaling, the information is useless. Scaling to magnitude is the MINIMUM to engage in anything approaching statistical honesty.

Indeed, Sweden’s death rate is remarkably close to that of France, which Williams praised as a model in contrast to the “utter disaster” in the US. However, the US actually has a lower per capita death rate than both Sweden and France—at least for now. (While it’s true COVID cases are on the rise again in the US, deaths recently reached three-month lows.)
So NY, NJ and MA account for nearly half of all the Covid deaths in the US. Seems like anyone interested in understanding how to deal with Covid or future similar viruses would be focusing there as opposed to surges in CASES elsewhere. 

However, in this age of everything being political, the only really important part of the narrative is "Orange Man BAD"! 

Masks, Drunks, Streetlights

Not far down in the linked it makes the common assessment of many "safety things" ... "why not"?

The classic joke is of the drunk looking for his keys under a streetlamp. Somebody is trying to be helpful in the search and asks if he is certain he lost them here. "No, he replies, I lost them up there, but the light is better here!"

Good for a laugh, but so true of a lot of "science", especially the social type. Why are we looking here or in this way? Because we CAN ... we have data, or can get it somehow! (or often extrapolate based on other data, selected by similar availability)

Our modern world is full of "can't hurt, good light here" logic. The real world is notoriously hard to measure, and  there are VERY few "can't hurts" in that real world.  The real world tends not to give mercy for being certain, but wrong. Telling kids to wait an hour after they eat to swim "can't hurt" ... so maybe they go off to another spot with nobody around, swim anyway, and drown.

Doing a lot of keeping kids from dirt and doing a bunch of disinfecting "couldn't hurt" -- except their immune systems didn't develop and various allergies, Asthma, and who knows what else exploded.

We could go on to nausea, and the REALLY nasty stuff is the stuff we don't even think about, or is purposely hidden -- think statins, fish oil, ???? The "unknown unknowns" can be especially viscous. They are the shadows behind the mysterious "how did we get HERE???" We are SURE we followed all the expert direction!

I certainly DO NOT know if masks hurt anything beyond critical thinking, independent thought,  and "common sense" ( now called "stupidity, not caring for others, etc) by the mask zealots. You MUST comply or we will call you names -- oh, and who knows what we may do later. Rest assured, it will be for your own good! The smart folks just know better! (and today we are assured that words definitely DO hurt you, unlike the old "sticks and stones" admonishment in the less "progressed" time.) Name call away -- hurting "bad and uncaring people" would be GOOD!

This is the age of "If all your friends are jumping off a cliff, are you going to follow them?" Having the correct answer of; YES, OF COURSE! for the culture at large today.

The authorities are mostly certain now that masking is so good it needs to be mandatory. (like most left wing ideas) Are they as certain as they were in the 1970's that we were out of oil, in the 1980's that the USSR was never going away, in the 1990's that "the Internet Economy" has made things like profits obsolete, or up until like 2005, the "food pyramid" -- the primary reason Americans are fat. Look at those carbs at the base!

I'm not wearing masks outside because it makes no sense to me. If the virus is THAT contagious, it IS going to you unless you are in HEAVY isolation.  Yes, I understand that to some folks, that will make me foolish and worthy of mask shaming.

In situations where there are "clear majority masks" or mandated, I'll go along to get along. Yes, I also understand that for some folks, that means that I'm "stupid, don't care about others, rebellious, etc" -- again, that is their judgment, and in the virtue signalling world, judgement is a virtue (the harsher the better)!

I'll never criticize somebody for wearing a mask, lifting it, rubbing their nose, etc  -- even if their nose is totally out (as is common), it doesn't cover completely, or whatever. They are trying to do what they see as best for whatever reason -- they hope it protects them, protects others, they don't want to be shamed, they want to look smart, or they have a PHD in public health, virology, etc I respect their choice.

I'm one of those old idiot Bible type Christians that believe that judgement of others -- even about things much more eternally serious than Covid, is above my pay grade. My creed declares that I even need to love those that judge me harshly and possibly even hate me.

Not that I do that well at all -- my mask of being Christlike certainly leaks (badly) and I trust in his Grace to see me home -- by his plan, which IS being carried out in spite of Covid, accidents, and perils unlimited. I'm safe in his eternal care.

Resigning From The Times

Bari Weiss was hired by the NY Times to try to get the paper to have some concept of what "average Americans" were thinking. She has been fired -- the entire linked is worth reading, I found the following especially compelling.

But the lessons that ought to have followed the election—lessons about the importance of understanding other Americans, the necessity of resisting tribalism, and the centrality of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society—have not been learned. Instead, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.

It is the age of "woke orthodoxy", and those who fail to comply must be "punished" in the terms of our current left -- "cancelled".

Are they really so certain? Eventually "power" will boil down to pure physical power. How will they do then? Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Or just wishfully.

Perhaps just "arming themselves" will be insufficient.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Democrat Plantation

I maintain that the biggest example of the power of media, the Administrative/Deep State, and public "education"(indoctrination) was the conversion of the party of Slavery and Jim Crow to the party where Joe Biden can truthfully say "If you vote for Trump, you ain't black". Like much of left wing truth, this so true it must not be stated. It is a Democrat truth like "we care more for left wing women's votes than we do for the lives of babies", or "we believe that totalitarianism is the best form of government" (because people that don't agree with us are BAD)!

It is the conversion of leftist politics and the "progressive" world view into a religion that killed America. America required a religious people, it also required that a specific political orthodoxy could never become a state religion. "Progressiveness" became the state religion, and those not of the "progressive" faith became heretics. Understanding our inability to have faith in SOMETHING is well described in "Moral Believing Animals".

It took reading the excellent book "The Great Society" for me to finally understand how this marvel of national brainwashing was achieved. The simple answer is that they bought the blacks with government money. They created massive spending programs to funnel money through a myriad of agencies that worked with the Black Panthers, unions, etc. They created positions like "Community Organizers" ( A Saul Alinsky innovation) paid by the Federal government to act as "Democrat bosses" in the manner of the Daley machine in Chicago, or the old Boss Tweed in NYC. The difference being that now these "bosses" had the Federal bureaucracy and purse behind them!

As Welfare increasingly replaced fathers in the black community, families were destroyed and the federal bureaucracy became "daddy" -- as a black person, you OF COURSE voted for "daddy"!

So blacks still live on the Democrat plantation -- just as they did through the age of Slavery and Jim Crow. They MUST obey their Democrat masters, or they will even lose their racial identity. In many ways, the Antebellum South was better -- at least 2/3 of black families were 2 parent families, compared with only 40% today.

Living in a stable two parent family is indeed a privilege -- one which the modern Democrat Plantation Slavery has denied blacks.

Yale, Honoring Slave Traders!

Yes, Yale was named in honor of a slave trader.

We are living in a time of slavery to "woke". It is our master, and it's rules are whatever the purveyors  of "woke" decide they are. As always, consistency is NOT an issue!

My guess is that Yale's name will not be changed because ... well, just BECAUSE! For "reasons" similar to why ancient charges against Brent Kavenaugh are very very serious, and similar charges against Joe Biden are scurrilous and of no interest at all.

What do I think? As anyone that follows me knows, as long as we live in the age of "PC, tribalism, Post Modernism, BLM,  etc", it doesn't matter what I think. I'm not in power in any manner -- "truth" is whatever the latest pronouncement from the "woke" is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

VDH, The Ministry Of Untruth, The Narrative

Whatever your media mythology may say, the reality of today, is that what most see as "reality" is a fake media created "virtual reality"  -- pure media manipulation for political purposes. Since we continue our slide into totalitarianism, EVERYTHING is political! That is what "totalitarian" means -- "reality" is whatever those in power say it is.

So the narrative of the US "failing" in responding to Covid is just a narrative with minimal connection to reality.

By such rubrics, the United States, so far, has fared better than most of the major European countries—France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, and Belgium—in terms of deaths per million. Germany is the one major exception. But if blame is to be allotted to public officials for the United States having a higher fatality rate than Germany, then the cause is most likely governors of high-death, Eastern Seaboard states—New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut in particular. They either sent the infected into rest homes, or did not early on ensure that their mass transit systems were sanitized daily as well as practicing social distancing.
Just to be clear, just because events are USED to achieve a political result DOES NOT mean that one believes the event itself is a "hoax". The RESPONSE to the event may share characteristics of a "hoax" because the treatment of the event is well out of line with "reasonable" ( as in having some sense of things like proportion, scaling to similar events, etc).

For example, about 650K Americans die of heart disease every year. There are between 9-45 million CASES of flu in the US each year. Here is a ranking of causes of death per year -- to the extent you believe it, Corona is looking to be "Alzheimers like" for deaths. However, if someone is diabetic, dies, and then tests positive for Corona, what is the "cause" of death? It sees nearly certain that Corona will be somewhat overstated because we are LOOKING FOR IT! Many people have not seen the ISS fly over, because they were not looking -- if the look on a clear night, they WILL see it!

So we are certainly looking for Covid big time. In '18 - '19 we think we had 46-96K deaths in the US, but we were not particularly LOOKING ... if one decides to use relay team aircraft around the world flying above the clouds to "look for" the ISS, the "sightings" could rise to near infinite -- same phenomenon, different sampling. I think we can be certain that Covid numbers will be big, however like pretty much every budget / deficit, etc being "a record" (inflation, rising population, etc), or even simpler, my achieving a "personal record age" on each birthday, any number without context is just a number.

A "reasonable view" (note, not necessarily "correct", just common sense rational) would be that past flu was likely quite vastly under reported relative to Covid since there was a lot less focus on testing for it, and Covid is heavily over reported. How much? No real way to perfectly know, but I'd guess "big", in if normal flu was tested like Covid now is, most years would see 100's of millions of cases to even billions, and deaths in the millions. Around 60 million people die in the world each year   ... pretty small changes in reporting of diagnosis and causes of death can VASTLY change people's perceptions.

TB kills order 1.5 million per year, and it is a bacterium, masks would be very effective ... don’t tell anybody!

A billion $ is still a decent definition of "rich" for a person, however since a typical human brain has 86 billion neurons, one would be in a sad state if they had "only" a billion neurons! We won't even talk US debt and obligations -- order $150 TRILLION!

As Stalin said, "One death a tragedy, a million is a statistic". Actually it is much worse than that -- 60 million babies aborted isn't even a "concern" to most. 50K ish and rising suicides in the US is of a lot less concern than Covid, and the suicide deaths are YEARLY and RISING!

Pretty much any death outside of those you know, or those that are canonized by media isn't even "noise" -- we MUST filter reality since it is simply too large for our brains. The best we can do is be aware of how vulnerable we are to narrative and choose our filters wisely! You likely recognize the name of George Floyd, but not David Dorn ... that is because you are being manipulated by a media narrative -- we all are, all the time.

It is all about the narrative, and right now, the narrative is all about defeating Trump.

The truth is that the COVID-19 epidemic, the lockdown, and the rioting were seen by the Left, the media, and now the Democratic Party as a renewed effort in this election year to do what Robert Mueller, Ukraine, and impeachment had not—abort the presidency of Donald Trump, or make it impossible for him to be reelected.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

VDH, Time For The Big Stick?

I tend to rip the bandage off rather than soak it. I'd rather get Corona now and see if I survive. At some point, avoidance fails -- especially relative to death. One can let the Cold War go on forever, or you can take the big risk and elect Reagan.

You can also try appeasement of the "puppies of war" with their BLM, masks, and "cancel culture" as we have been doing, or you can call their bluff. I'm pretty sure they are not the Wehrmacht, the Confederacy, or even Saddam's army -- but one can never be certain until the band-aid is yanked!

The game of chicken continues with passive or nonexistent local and regional policing and veritable free rein to looting, destruction, and vandalism. In response, Trump only squares his hesitation to call in federal troops, with loud rhetoric about law and order. But until the swing voter himself gets off his fence and decides either ‘enough is enough,’ Trump has put himself into a dilemma of talking loudly with a twig rather than softly with a real club. 
He will soon have to seize the moment with allies in Congress and his cabinet to galvanize the country to squash a veritable revolution that wishes to remake America in its 244th year into something more aligned with the visions of Robespierre and Saint-Just than with Washington and Jefferson — replete with a new foundational myth, a new national anthem, a rebooted constitution without an Electoral College, but with proportionally allotted senators, a huge new Supreme Court, and new array of revolutionary statuary and icons. A cult of the Supreme Green Being and dunce caps for wayward or incorrect intellectuals are not far away.

We haven't been the America of Washington, Lincoln, Grant or even Reagan for a good long while.   It's been time to quit pretending as we have been for a least a decade if not 30 years.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Fierce Patriot, The Tanngled Lives of William Tecumseh Stherman

The linked provides a "normal review" of this excellent book.

A big reason that it speaks to me as a fellow veteran of mental illness is that it really brings home that three of of the men that saved the union ... Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman, struggled with psychological issues.

Lincoln had suffered from deep bouts of depression since early manhood (he called it the “hypo”), and it’s likely he recognized a similar condition lurking behind Sherman’s excessive pessimism.52 He also must have known from his own experience that these bleak episodes eventually passed and so remained open to giving his fellow sufferer additional responsibility once he recovered. Mental illness of any sort carried a tremendous stigma in nineteenth-century America, but not with Lincoln when it came to a general he instinctively liked and believed in.

Sherman was all about the big picture. He had a superb grasp of terrain and a passion for a unified America "From Sea to Shining Sea".

Sherman was a prodigy of geography. During the Civil War, no matter how befuddling the swamp or forest or mountain range, if Sherman had been there, he remembered it exactly.
If Jefferson was the architect of continental expansion, Sherman would become the general contractor.

As I age, I suspect that the tendency to depression is a "gift" that is likely to give you a thirst to gather knowledge as a (false) way to obtain the illusion of security. You will be driven to scratch to see at least what you mistakenly imagine to be THE big picture, when it is of course only YOUR big picture.

His chief problem continued to be his contingent relationship with reality, a complex and ambiguous problem for any military strategist. If the perceptual filters that had allowed him to ignore the coming of secession were in abeyance, there remained those that would exaggerate danger—a potentially paralyzing affliction in warfare, and nearly Sherman’s undoing before he finally learned to effectively balance limited information with an ever-changing reality.
The map is never the territory, plans are invalid when the first shot is fired, etc. Sherman LEARNED ... and one of the things he learned was that the Civil War was maybe more than most wars, a psychological war, because it was largely a guerrilla war. The will of the population had to be broken ...  not just Lee's army. Thus, the often maligned "March to the Sea". As we were never able to do in Vietnam, Sherman broke the spirit of the rebellion -- though not their racism, as a century of Jim Crow would prove.

I have somewhat retreated into the past in this time of crazy that has many parallels to the mid 1800s. Tearing down statues shows that history is repeating itself. Slavery is slavery, often especially if it is not declared as such. When the people who you disagree with are "deplorable". or their very race ("whiteness") is enough to allow you to hate them, or even their not wearing a mask becomes somewhat analogous to "wearing a hood", then you are most certainly a "House Divided".

I firmly believe that division is the natural state of man, only driven to abeyance by the grace of God. "One nation under GOD" absolutely required GOD! Sherman's goal of unifying America was possible then because at least the North believed  both the God of the Bible, and the Constitution -- and the south at least claimed to believe in that same God as well. It is hard to defend slavery as an act of Christian love, though the South certainly tried!

Perhaps the time has come for those that believe in the God of the Bible, the Constitution, family, community, and such old and tired values as loving your enemies, to finally separate from those that worship only power?

Certainly Sherman, Lincoln and Grant would disagree -- the Union was sacred to them. In an era when nothing but complete adherence to "woke" dogma is acceptable to at least an apparent majority under penalty of violence, how can there be a nation under nothing but mass demands  of conflicting "rights".

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Whig History, The "Inevitable Arc"

A good little article on what most people believe is happening -- generally, they don't KNOW they believe it, because they just see it as a "fact". supposedly and metaphysically truthful. To deny it would make you a "denier", and denying Whig history (even if you have no idea what it is) shows you as gravely stupid -- even though the people labeling you thus, are only doing so because you are not agreeing with what they see as "obvious truth" ("progress") ... though they don't understand what that means. They are "morally certain", the only modern "virtue" -- blindly following "progressivism".

The superstition of a Moore’s Law for social betterment, like the superstitious belief that freedom is the “hope of every human heart” or that certain politicians are “on the right side of History,” is a part of the long tradition sometimes known as “Whig history,” the belief that human society marches inevitably toward progress, enlightenment, and liberty. As Professor Glenn Loury once put it, the essence of conservatism is the idea that human nature has no history. George Will expands on that: “The idea that human nature has a history — that human beings only have a nature contingent on their time and place — is the idea that has animated modern tyrannies.”