Tuesday, July 7, 2020

VDH, Time For The Big Stick?


I tend to rip the bandage off rather than soak it. I'd rather get Corona now and see if I survive. At some point, avoidance fails -- especially relative to death. One can let the Cold War go on forever, or you can take the big risk and elect Reagan.

You can also try appeasement of the "puppies of war" with their BLM, masks, and "cancel culture" as we have been doing, or you can call their bluff. I'm pretty sure they are not the Wehrmacht, the Confederacy, or even Saddam's army -- but one can never be certain until the band-aid is yanked!

The game of chicken continues with passive or nonexistent local and regional policing and veritable free rein to looting, destruction, and vandalism. In response, Trump only squares his hesitation to call in federal troops, with loud rhetoric about law and order. But until the swing voter himself gets off his fence and decides either ‘enough is enough,’ Trump has put himself into a dilemma of talking loudly with a twig rather than softly with a real club. 
He will soon have to seize the moment with allies in Congress and his cabinet to galvanize the country to squash a veritable revolution that wishes to remake America in its 244th year into something more aligned with the visions of Robespierre and Saint-Just than with Washington and Jefferson — replete with a new foundational myth, a new national anthem, a rebooted constitution without an Electoral College, but with proportionally allotted senators, a huge new Supreme Court, and new array of revolutionary statuary and icons. A cult of the Supreme Green Being and dunce caps for wayward or incorrect intellectuals are not far away.

We haven't been the America of Washington, Lincoln, Grant or even Reagan for a good long while.   It's been time to quit pretending as we have been for a least a decade if not 30 years.

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