Monday, July 20, 2020


As is common the "racism" was fake -- no "noose".  Sadly(for the left)  though ...

This is a familiar story. An alleged racist outrage gives rise to the mandatory outpouring of righteous anger, but turns out to be nothing at all. As we and countless others have often observed, the demand for racism greatly exceeds the supply. Incidents like this one turn out to be either hoaxes (most often) or something completely innocuous (also common) just about every time. The fact that the race industry needs to constantly pounce on ridiculous instances like this one tells you all you need to know about the frequency of actual racist incidents in America. If racism were common, not rare, its advocates would have many more real incidents to be outraged about. Instead, they have to make do with imagined ones. 
It is a sad commentary on American life–not that racism is rare, but that so many find it advantageous to pretend that it is common.

On the leftist plantation, "racism" is one of the important whips used to keep the Deplorables enslaved. 

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