Monday, July 20, 2020

BLM Tears Down Grant, Consistency

I'm about 2/3 of the way through the Chernow Grant Biography, and much appreciated "American Ulysses".

Grant did more than ANYONE including Lincoln to advance the cause of blacks in America. Without Grant (and Sherman) Lincoln LOSES in 1864, President McClellan sues for peace, and the Confederate States of America live on -- with Lincoln being a total failure and butcher.

Here is Frederick Douglass on Grant:

“a man too broad for prejudice, too humane to despise the humblest, too great to be small at any point. In him the Negro found a protector, the Indian a friend, a vanquished foe a brother, an imperiled nation a savior.”

An absolute mandate of left wing thought is "consistency Is NOT an Issue" -- it isn't even a "consideration" -- in fact, consistency in anything beyond slavish agreement and celebration of the left narrative, no matter how INconsistent that narrative is, is a prime leftist virtue. Leftist thought demands INconsistency and "truth" being whatever leftist power says it is.  The prime meaning of leftism is "our power is truth, all else must bow to the power of the left".

Naturally, if whatever is the narrative is today is "truth", than history must be destroyed! History cries out that leftism is a horror, so therefore it must be destroyed and replaced by the "Insoc of today".

They of course believe that they have truth -- "just trust the science" is one example. The problem being that scientific "fact/truth" is only inductively "true", the next test, study, etc may well falsify today's "fact". It may turn out that eggs are not bad after all!  "Settled science" is one of today's cruellest oxymorons.

To be a leftist is to have no problem at all with completely different treatment of Joe Biden and Bill Clinton accused of sexual harassment, vs completely different treatment of Clarence Thomas and Brent Kavenaaugh. The only consistency required for the left is consistent fealty to their dogma. In fact, to be a leftist in good standing, you must be PROUD to support that inconsistency!

God created man to seek him, so we all seek "god" -- very often an earthy idol such as power, wealth, knowledge, or human "virtue", where "virtue" is defined as adherence to some earthly dogma  -- today's favorite being "Woke" --  Secular Humanism's "Flavor Of The Day".

"You will know them by their fruits" is what the Bible tells us. Scribes, Pharisees and the "Woke" proudly signal their "virtue" via a host of mechanisms  -- support for BLM, masks, etc.

The absolutely inhuman task (only possible through the  Holy Spirit) demanded of Christians is to not commit exactly the same sin by proudly signalling our judgement of those fallen to human "virtue" in return. We can "discern" to "be not afraid", and to put God first by continuing to worship and commune, trusting that God is ultimately in charge, and in a billion years he will still be in charge, and these seemingly "important" matters of today will be in perspective.

... and I look forward to having a cigar in heaven with old "Unconditional Surrender" Grant.

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