Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Drug Induced Utopia, MDMA

As soon as I started reading the linked, "soma" from Huxley's "Brave New World" popped into my head. Wow! A drug that makes people feel more "connected", less anxious, more tolerant, less prejudiced, less rigid! 

What sort of monster would argue against putting this into the water supply, or just making injections mandatory to move around or engage in commerce, have a job, etc in a "civil" society? It seems like it would be better than the Covid jab. Or maybe it already was one of the "features" of the original jab or some of the boosters? It does seem that the population at large is more "laid back", not concerned about suich mundane things like working, inflation, possible nuclear war in Europe, high inflation, a senile president, or a host of other things. 

Perhaps, like LSD, we can just "Turn on, Tune in, and Drop Out". Groovy man! Even easier if we never know what happened to us. "Consent" seems to be a tired old concept these days anyway. 

The article focuses on a dangerous White Supremacist (Brendan) who was transformed by a single treatment with MDMA: 

Brendan grew up in an affluent Chicago suburb in an Irish Catholic family. He leaned liberal in high school but got sucked into white nationalism at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he joined a fraternity mostly composed of conservative Republican men, began reading anti semitic conspiracy books, and fell down a rabbit hole of racist, sexist content online. Brendan was further emboldened by the populist rhetoric of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. "His speech talking about Mexicans being rapists, the fixation on the border wall and deporting everyone, the Muslim ban – I didn't really get white nationalism until Trump started running for president," Brendan said.

Wow, after such a troubled childhood with affluence and Catholicism, he appropriately "leaned liberal". It shows he had to be basically good inside ... I would not be surprised to find he was saddled with a two parent family that had arcane things like rules and discipline!  Tragically, he got "sucked in" by Republicans in college (a rare breed), obviously the screening of students needs to be more rigid. Exposing immature college kids to dangerous ideas of the Republican sort needs to be prevented!

But then he was totally corrupted by the evil orange man Trump!  Perhaps "Let's go Brendan" will replace "Let's go Brandon"? Young people need to get a lot of exposure to drag queens, gay sex, explicit porrnographic books, transgender, etc so they can make their own decisions. However, unless we suppress extremist ideas coming from people like Republicans/Trump for the entire population, people will succumb. We can't trust adults to just decide for themselves! It is just common sense. 

MDMA seems too "good" to be true, as always, depending on what is good? 

Anecdotally, some members of the Taliban, for example, use MDMA to channel a connection to the divine during prayer chants, according to a drug activist based in Kabul who I interviewed for my book. In the West, plenty of members of right-wing authoritarian political movements, including neo-Nazi groups, also have track records of taking MDMA and other psychedelics. This suggests, researchers write, that psychedelics are nonspecific, "politically pluripotent" amplifiers of whatever is going on in somebody's head, with no particular directional leaning "on the axes of conservatism-liberalism or authoritarianism-egalitarianism."

Hmm, so it seems like the drug MAY amplify whatever way you are leaning ... although that does not seem to really fit with Brendan's case. 

Over at Scientific American, we find: 

Although its precise therapeutic mechanisms remain unclear, clinically relevant doses of psilocybin can induce powerful mystical experiences more commonly associated with extended periods of fasting, prayer or meditation. Arguably, then, it is unsurprising that it can generate long-lasting changes in patients: studies report increased prosociality and aesthetic appreciation, plus robust shifts in personality, values and attitudes to life, even leading some atheists to find God. What’s more, these experiences appear to be a feature, rather than a bug, of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, with the intensity of the mystical experience correlating with the extent of clinical benefit.

The "god" that drugs often lead one to tends to be more like the Buddhist sort of "god is everything, you are part of god, everything is good". Like a few million being killed in Mao's "Cultural Revolution". 

Like "Brave New World", it would seem that whatever "vales" can be induced in people (possibly through education, or REeducation) we will all have a shot a utopia -- possibly against our will, but if "the science" and "the narrative" has declared it as "good", isn't it the duty of the elite make utopia happen? 

Monday, June 26, 2023

Bob And Ray, Keener Than Most Persons

 A book lent to me by a friend who I would guess was quite familiar with the duo. Me on the other hand, had "probably heard of them", but was totally unfamiliar. 

Since my family didn't have TV until '68 or '69 ( I know we had it in '69, because I watched the moon landing) my media awareness was minimal. Relatives had TV. and since I lived in the country, times spent with kids in town were minimal. The folks left us at grandma's house on Sunday nights as they went to evening church services, so Bonanza was a show that I was familiar with. 

B&R began in radio on the East coast. Since pretty much the only radio I heard was in the cow barn as we were milking, if it wasn't on WCCO at milking times, I didn't hear it. 

I was surprised that they were on Carson multiple times, but just realized that I didn't see all that many "Tonight Shows". On reflection, I probably watched more with Jay Leno than with Carson, and zero since. 

Thanks to YouTube, I watched a couple of their appearances. From that small sampling, and how the the book portrayed them, I would guess that fans of Seinfeld would generally like them,. It seemed that the key to their humor was their deadpan style and light hearted parodies about essentially nothing.  

As far as the book goes, the audience that would appreciate it these days would mostly be my age or older. Without significant knowledge of the golden age of radio giving way to television with all the stars of that age, the name dropping connections were often unclear to me. 

I remember that the Tonight Show was once hosted by Steve Allen, but again, I'd have to go to YouTube to see that. Tons of names that I sort of recollect in different contexts  ... Harry Morgan being familiar from MASH, and a little bit from Dragnet, but no contact with previous work. Most of the names I had a vague recollection of, probably from Carson, or picked up from infrequent snippets from shows like "The Hollywood Squares". Paul Lynde for one. 

Lots of name dropping, probably interesting to those much more familiar with media from that era.

That Ray could keep performing by precise scheduling for dialysis for a decade after kidney failure in the late '70s is quite amazing. 

The Cafe des Artistes in Manhattan (now closed) was mentioned as one of their old haunts. My wife and I dined there on and extravagant trip awarded by IBM in the early '90s. Odd connections are always fun.

The book made me think about how the progression of entertainment from Radio, to TV, to the Internet made our lives more and more shallow and isolated. Technology is a tool ... how it is used can have profound effects on our lives. In her later years my moms schedule was wedded to being able to see "Wheel of Fortune". As a child we were on a telephone party line and two neighbor ladies (that lived a mile apart) would spend about and hour discussing that days episode of "Days of Our Lives".  

We have only a short time on this earth, and eternity is forever. The "stars" of media, unlike Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, will not be long remembered. I'm reading "Samuel Johnson, The Struggle" about the author of the first dictionary of the English language,  living from 1709 to 1784. He was friends with Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, Edward Gibbon and many others that I wish I was more familiar with. 

How should we spend our short time on this earth? A topic that many historical figures have pondered. I'm suspicious that few of us will comment on our deathbeds; "I wish I had watched more TV". 

Explaining the Equality Act

It is a good fairly short description of what will likely become law if Democrats get full control of  Congress and the Presidency in 2025 (which, I sadly expect given the insecurity of our "elections"). 

If you read this blog or keep in touch with some media that has conservative reality based reporting base, you already know what happens when we have a new "protected class". 

Anyone can identify as whatever "gender" they want, however, they stay the same sex unless we change some laws. 

Were I to propose a law on this subject, (which I don't think should have standing under the law at all) I would propose: 

  • Any "gender" selection "treatment" be strictly prohibited until the victim of ths mental illness reaches 21. 

  • If  a male decides to identify as female, he would be required to have all genitalia surgically removed, including the prostate, and the most effective means to purge testosterone from the body be initiated. In this manner, if he chooses to use women's restrooms and locker rooms he would not be capable of rape. Likewise, if the testosterone can be removed. his advantage in women's sports will be curtailed. 

  • Females would receive a hysterectomy, and a radical mastectomy of their breasts if they desire to identify as males. Issues such as construction of a penis or giving testosterone are more problematic. Since creation is best left to God, destruction and mutilation are (as would be required with males) are more predictable. The man made "woman" is a mentally damaged and unpredictably likely a danger to others. 
The main point of this post is awareness. The population needs to be aware of what a vote for Democrats is likely to mean ... their law will look nothing like my proposal, and your children and grandchildren can be forcibly removed from their parents under their laws and the biological men will remain able to molest women and children, the true goal of their "transition". 

Sunday, June 25, 2023

A Democrats View of Republican Fascism

 A post appeared on Facebook that was so crazy, I decided to rebut the insanity. 

In case you are ever faced with the strange idea that conservatives / Republicans are somehow leading us toward Fascism. Here is a fairly concise debunking.

Nepotism  – Hunter, James Biden, Hallie Biden 

Cronyism - Rob Walker, James Gilliar

Widespread Corruption – Ukrainian,  Chinese payoffs. 

Identifying “enemies” as a unifying cause - “right wing extremists are the greatest threat to our country”  Everyone needs to see and hear Biden’s black and red speech

Nationalism, Simple Slogans - “Build Back Better”  Of course, all politicians do this. "Make America Great Again", or Bill Clinton "Putting People First" 

Disdain for Human Rights – Killing infants in the womb, lockdowns, suppressing free speech, opposing the right to bear arms (self defense) 

Identifying some humans as lower status - “White Privilege”, MAGA Republicans, gun owners, deplorables, bitter clingers … 

Religion and Government intertwined – Wokeism is the Democrat  national religion, and if you are “out there” as a Christian, you are a “heretic”. Democrats believe “Government is great, government is good, we thank it for our daily bread”/ 

Corporate Power Protected - Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter (until Elon), Soros Fund, Bloomberg, Oracle

Labor Power Suppressed – The “Rust Belt” supported Trump.

Disdain for Intellectualism and the arts – “The Closing Of The American Mind” is an excellent book lamenting how our universities left the Great Books, and understanding the great history of Western (largely Christian) Art . There are many conservative intellectuals, they are just largely suppressed. Postmodernism, a Democrat staple, invalidates intellectualism and the arts (as well as history). 

Increasing Police and Military Power - Our military is in shambles and our police are under attack. Law and order are certainly not a Democrat value. What Democrats/Fascists desire is a strong POLITICAL police state. Put your political enemies in prison, and defund local police to make the citizenry vulnerable and afraid. Fascists disarm their citizens. Right now, Democrats seem to believe that increasing proxy military power serves their interests.

Punishing Personal Enemies – The two tier “justice” system is so obvious at this point that it needs no explanation. Since Biden IS “the state” at this point, politics are personal.

Squelching Opposing Viewpoints - Attempted humor? Canceling, deplatforming, labeling anything outside your narrative “disinformation” and suppressing it? Democrat staples. 

Opposing Freedom Of the Press – “The Press” is essentially the Internet today. See previous. The NY Post had the full story on Hunter’s laptop before the election. That information was suppressed. Our press is essentially the Democrat press. 

Controlling the Media Through Media Ties – Hello? The media has been a Democrat lapdog for a long time, moreso today. “National Public Radio” is really “Democrat Propaganda Radio”. They don’t just control it, they make their opposition help pay for it! 

Isolating Followers From Outside Information - Another Democrat staple. They control education, universities, 90% of media, and all most Americans see is the Democrat narrative. 

Sexism - Gender roles are more rigid – “Gender” is a social construct invented in the ‘50s by a guy named John Money, Sex is about men and women. Sex is very rigid, and only women can have babies, thus maintaining the population. Throw away sex, your movement lasts one generation. Fascists like a lot of kids (future soldiers). They also like as many women as they can get into the munitions plants. Eugenics is also a Democrat staple … Planned Parenthood was founded to “purify the race”. A lot of Democrat/Fascist policies don’t make sense. When ideology is your religion, that tends to happen. 

Obsession with national “security” – Since 9/11, both parties have increased surveillance of citizens. Since Democrats control the Administrative State, that works out largely to their benefit. They use organizations like the FBI, NSA and CIA for political purposes. What they are increasingly obtaining is the “security” of single party rule. Single party rule is a cornerstone of Fascism. 

Fraudulent Elections – Another attempt at humor? Mail in “voting” is internationally laughable. Mexico, Canada, and every European country have election integrity. Democrats oppose even the most basic element of trusting an election, voter ID. There is only one reason to oppose that, you know that you have to cheat to win.  

If you read through my rebuttal, hopefully you saw things where your brain said "Republicans/conservatives do that too". Indeed. Both parties involve humans, and so there will be similarities.

I like to boil it down to "Control vs Chaos", or as I often say "One ditch or the other" (and humans are notorious ditch drivers).

Monday, June 19, 2023

Victor Davis Hanson, Ukraine, Hillary, Obama, etc

Victor Davis Hanson is a truth treasure in a time of global perfidy. The whole linked is well worth the time. Our sense of "history" doesn't go back much beyond a week or two, unless it is attacking Trump, or tearing down some statues so that we are a people with no history.

At one point the war in Ukraine was to defend against Russian aggression ...
But apparently, the war’s aims have now shifted to reestablishing the 2013 Ukrainian-Russian border. That is an ambitious agenda and, in the past, neither President Barack Obama nor Donald Trump nor Joe Biden had ever signed on to it. Oddly, those on the Left calling for the utter defeat and humiliation of the Putin regime and the retaking of Crimea (and who also gave us 2009 Russian “reset”) had rarely voiced such agendas after the 2014 aggression during the Obama Administration. (And remember that was not Putin’s first rodeo; he had invaded Georgia and absorbed South Ossetia in 2008).

Yes, the haughty "Russian Reset" ... Obama and Hillary crowing about how we were now allies with Russia!

They did indeed do some sort of "reset".
From 2013 onward, Ukrainian opponents of the then-Kyiv government sought out officials high up in the Obama Administration to aid in their efforts to remove the elected, albeit pro-Russian, president and then to help fast track the proper successor government.

In 2015-2016, on the assumption that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for the presidency, a Ukrainian-American consultant was hired by the Democratic National Committee. More specifically, she colluded with the hierarchy of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, D.C., to derail Trump’s then-campaign manager Paul Manafort on grounds he was too friendly with the Russians.

Remember the hero of the left and media Alex Vindman, who illegally (treasonously) leaked a confidential phone call between Trump and Zelensky?

Since his retirement from the military, Vindman has been a vocal proponent on cable news of the need to step up existing massive U.S. arms shipments to his native Ukraine, and belittles most who express worries about the commensurate depletion in American strategic arms stocks.

He did his reputation on the Left no favors when he founded his own military contracting company, Trident Support, in which he seeks to be paid millions by the Ukrainian government to service and repair imported arms inside Ukraine.

In other words, Vindman, who was the catalyst for the impeachment of a president over the question of arms shipments to Ukraine, is now a wannabe profiteering middleman military contractor facilitating arms transfers from NATO countries to Ukraine.

While the Biden administration and NATO sabre rattle us toward nuclear war, at least traitors like Vindeman are able to get some big bucks. It would be tragic if ALL the graft went to the crime families of the Bidens and the Clintons.  


Europe Is Great! (When it agrees with the left)

'The American left likes to selectively applaud especially Scandinavian Europe when it at least thinks it agrees with them. Turns out that socialist "paradises" like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc are less socialist than that US. Mythology is much more important to Democrats than reality, since reality is generally hostile to their mythology. 

Scandinavian countries have stricter abortion laws than the US. 

They also believe the science rather than the narrative on transgender. 

The European medical community, by contrast, is expressing doubts about that approach. Having allowed these treatments for years, five countries—the U.K., Sweden, Finland, Norway and France—now urge caution in their use for minors, stressing a lack of evidence that the benefits outweigh the risks. This month, the U.K.’s publicly funded National Health Service limited the use of puberty blockers to clinical trials, putting the drugs beyond the reach of most children.

I see a few reasons for this: 

  • European media and science are still more diverse than the US. The EU has not been weaponized to the degree that the Administrative State has in the US.
  • The Democrat Administrative State in the US uses the NIH, CDC, etc in concert with Big Pharma to boost profits, that are then rolled back into the Democrat political machine. 
  • Europe is not yet as hostile to religion and families as the US elites are. The countries retain their state religions, and realize that religion is a unifying force. The US is hard at work to establish "Wokeism" as the state religion ... with little thought as to what effect that will have. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Why Humans Need Hell

Progressivism, Democrats, the Administrative State, Intellectuals, etc bristle at the idea of "God", even more so at the idea that there is such a thing as sort of "defined transcendent morality" beyond "I get to define MY truth".  Especially a morality with judgement and eternal damnation. 

They get completely outraged by the idea that God would punish the evil that he has decreed to be evil eternally. It might give some people some second thoughts about some of the actions they want to take in this life. "Progress" denies human responsibility ... the fault is always elsewhere. History, white privilege, Christians, mental health, not enough funding for unionized schools, "hate speech", guns, ... being on the left means never being responsible for anything other than the best outcomes. 

One needs to be a very very dedicated "Wuhan Denier" to not realize that the Covid virus came from the Wuhan lab, and it was created explicitly to be very transmissible, and likely to kill primarily old people. If there is no real morality, and you are a a utilitarian, you seek "the good" for the greatest number. The following definition is from Google's AI, so if robots outnumber humans and humans are a threat to them, AI will seem pretty clear on "the right thing to do",

Utilitarianism is a moral theory that states that the consequences of an action are the only standard of right and wrong. It is a form of consequentialism, which states that the most ethical choice is the one that produces the greatest good for the greatest number. Utilitarianism is one of the best known and most influential moral theories.

Pilate asked, "what is truth"?, many philosophers. have asked "what is good?"

Nietzsche and most atheists boil "the good" down to "whatever power says it is".

As the research at the Wuhan lab became increasingly "successful" (meaning that they had a virus that was very transmissible and would kill a lot of people). the research went increasingly dark. Following the link at the top gives more detail. 

The results of Baric’s experiment with the genetic sequence given to him by Shi were published in co-authored research in November 2015. The combined Sars copy and SHC014 virus was a potential mass killer. It caused severe lung damage in humanized mice and was resistant to vaccines developed for Sars. The paper acknowledged this might have been an experiment that was too dangerous.

It caused a big stir. “If the virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory,” warned Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. 

Both the Chinese and the US were funding this research. They made up excuses that were essentially "First you have to CREATE Godzilla, then you can figure out how to defend against him". What could go wrong?

The mice were monitored in their cages over two weeks. The results were shocking. The mutant virus that fused WIV1 with SHC014 killed 75 percent of the rodents and was three times as lethal as the original WIV1. In the early days of the infection, the mice’s human-like lungs were found to contain a viral load up to 10,000 times greater than the original WIV1 virus.

The scientists had created a highly infectious super-coronavirus with a terrifying kill-rate that in all probability would never have emerged in nature. The new genetically modified virus was not Covid-19 but it might have been even more deadly if it had leaked.

So governments worked together to create hyper lethal viruses that would not occur in nature, would be impossible to control, very transmissible, and have various levels of lethality, and they "leaked" ... or were released. "At this point what does it matter" (a good Hillary quote on her Benghazi disaster).  As Stalin said, "Death solves all problems, no man, no problem". 

In a utilitarian world where there are too many elderly, and the general population is still not willing to accept euthanasia, would not killing elderly be a utilitarian "moral imperative"? How many times do we need to hear "Climate Change is and existential issue" before some "courageous/moral" utilitarian government or person releases an engineered virus that kills 80% or more of the world population?

It seems likely that survivors might canonize the viral "savior of the planet" as a "second Noah". 

As people have abandoned the idea of an afterlife and final judgement, the concepts of sin, morality, good, evil, etc. are completely mutable. No need to worry about punishment ... in this world if you are well connected with those who control the global narrative, and, since there is no "next", why worry? Eat. drink, indulge whatever sexual or other pleasures you desire. Life is short, and then "poof". "Poof" is your hope. 

Therefore, who is to judge those with the power and the means to do things that people that retain that old sense of morality find unthinkable? The Holocaust happened; Hitler at least wagered that Hell was imaginary. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and whoever directed the creation of Covid obviously had other concerns than Hell. 

Even when culture retained the idea of eternal punishment, severely evil things were still done. Today, without the belief in ultimate justice being assured by Romans 12:19 "Vengeance is mine, I shall repay, says the Lord", humans feel they MUST mete out "justice", and murder, suicide, hatred, division, broken families, countries, communities, and lives abound. 

Russia has said multiple times that they WILL use nuclear weapons if they are pushed too far. Meanwhile the West provokes, them with sanctions that cripple their economies, declare their leader a "war criminal", arms their enemies, and makes their opponent a star. Nobody seems to believe what they say. If Putin is really ailing, and believes this is all there is, starting WWIII would certainly ensure his place in history, and it is doubtful he would be seen as more evil than Hitler ... or possibly not even Trump, according to the left. 

The anesthetized Western masses increasingly believe that only those that still claim divine morality are a danger. 

Without God, the people perish. By their own hand, or by the hand of power without eternal moral sanction. 

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Prosecution Vs Persecution

The SCOTUS actually overturned the conviction of a Republican for acting like a typical politician. Amazing! Could this be the start of some semblance of equal treatment under the law? 

We all know that the typical politician in the US starts from fairly modest means, moving up the ranks to once reaching the House or the Senate, being in the "top 1%" or higher. Even self proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders has managed to amass a $5 million net worth.

Some of the key reasons for this are: 

  • Book deals
  • Being able to keep significant amount of campaign contributions 
  • A very cushy retirement plan.
  • Generous expense accounts.
  • A housing allowance that covers the cost of their living in DC
All of those are generally legal. The book deals are often questionable, and companies or individuals seeking favor may buy a lot of books, often through "straw purchasers". 

Covering "the costs" of speaking fees are often quite generous. 

If you are a "friend" of a government official and take them with you on an expensive trip, let them use your vacation home, pick them up with your private jet, etc, these are nice benefits. It doesn't directly increase your wealth, but you don't have to spend your cash for vacations that the rest of us save up for. 

Then there are the "foundations". The Clinton foundation took in well over $200 million until Hillary lost in 2016. Then, for some reason, donations dropped. Odd? Your foundation can own planes, boats, real estate, etc, all of which are "charitable" ... certainly flying donors on the foundations plane to encourage them to donate is legit. 

Many lower level politicians have their foundations ... they can often live in a home owned by the foundation with all the expenses covered. 

Traditionally, Democrats have had zero scrutiny. Jim Wright, Democrat Speaker of the House from '87 to '89 was an exception, as the very politically and media savvy Newt Gingerich took him down over a book deal on the way to the Republicans taking the House majority in '95 for the first time in 50 years. 

Power always corrupts to some degree. The issue is when the corruption is not limited for both sides of the political spectrum. The idea that the rule of law is applied equally to all is highly in question these days. Democrats strongly believe that Blacks are discriminated against on the basis of how many are incarcerated. They naturally assume that it can't be because Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime. We all know that predominantly black areas of our large cities are the safest and lowest crime, right? 

So is it good news that "standard corruption" will now be overlooked for both political parties? To some degree, yes, however a little thought is in order. Perhaps some degree of honor needs to be returned among the political thieves? 

More Than You Need To Know About Sex and Gender

Don't Take Pride In Promoting Pseudoscience 

As we all really know, but in these times, sometimes are afraid to admit, there are two sexes, male and female, and the old joke of: Question, "How do you know the difference between a boy and a girl?" Obvious answer, "You pull down there "jeans"", which has a deeper scientific meaning. You look at their genes, especially their chromosomes, in each of their cells. XX=boy, XY=girl. 

For the practical person, that is it. 

For the impractical, confused, mentally ill, ideologically vs reality based, etc, a new useless term "gender" has been manufactured. Specifically by John Money in 1955

Once you get into fiction, it is a bit like the Marvel, Star Trek, or Star Wars "universes". Since they are fictional, time, space, laws of physics, biology, morality, etc are totally arbitrary. One may have some sort of "rules" in a specific imaginary universe, but those are certainly meant to be broken. Consider the semi sacred "Prime Directive" in Star Trek. From time to time it may have created slight dramatic tension, but no actual fealty. 

Unfortunately, when fiction starts to damage reality, esspectially children, it is time for the shrinking set of reality based people to firm up their knowledge of the reality of two sexes and imaginary gender.

Over the last decade, we have observed a striking shift in the politics of LGBT issues. There has been a move away from broadly supported principles based on equality toward the imposition of radical, pseudoscientific ideologies concerning biological sex. A growing genre of articles in high-profile news outlets, magazines, and scientific journals is signaling the end of a binary and immutable perspective on biological sex. The appeal of these pieces lies in the belief that rejecting the binary concept of sex provides society with a liberating opportunity for self-definition, unfettered by material constraints.

One might consider these debates too arcane to have any real significance. However, the pseudoscientific notion that biological sex is mutable and exists on a non-binary continuum serves as a key justification for allowing males who identify as women to compete in female sports and access female prisons, and for administering treatments such as puberty blockers and “gender-affirming” (i.e., body modifying) hormones and surgeries to adolescents and adults alike to fix a perceived misalignment between their sex and “gender identity.” The implications are serious, as these recommendations make women’s sex-based rights unenforceable and directly impact the healthy bodies and minds of children. It is of utmost importance that such actions are grounded in reliable science, not in fashionable political ideologies.
The article is quite easy to read, and thorough in debunking specious claims about "intersex". "hormonal sex", to attack the binary nature of sex. 

Most of what we are burned by today is the confusion of  biological sex, and fictional "gender". 

Now you don't need to be confused, and you have something to explain to those who are so "intelligent" that they just can't accept that much of what they "know" is manifestly wrong. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Age Of Reagan: The fall of the old liberal order, Steven Hayward

I'm an unabashed Power Line blog, and especially Steven Hayward fan. Steve has written a number of books, this one, "The Age Of Reagan" covers the period from 1964 to 1980. 

Being born in '56, this covers my childhood since I entered Kindergarten in the fall of 1960 at the age of 4 (turning 5 in October). I've been behind my age cohort ever since. 

The book is 717 pages long, but Hayward is an interesting writer. While Reagan is often the focus, the book is really the tale of how LBJ and Jimmy Carter crippled both the country and the Democrat "liberal" order, thus creating the Reagan presidency and significant change in US foreign and domestic policy that consigned the USSR to "the ash heap of history", and ignited a US and world economic boom that lasted until Obama in 2008. Trump was able to create a bit of a "boomlet" from 2017-Covid, and then Biden in a "It's deja vu all over again" trip back to '70s stagflation, sinking stocks, global military peril, and "leadership" you can cry over. 

On page 52, there is discussion about how Johnson used the CIA, FBI, etc to spy on the Goldwater campaign. E Howard Hunt of the CIA would reprise the role in the '72 Nixon campaign. Then, as we see now with the Russia Hoax, Hunter Biden Laptop, etc the use of the "justice" department for political purposes is a very old strategy for the Democrat party, as in Watergate. Republicans have attempted to engage in it as well, but the Deep State is an enemy of Republicans, because no matter how ineffective they are at reigning in the Administrative State, they have tried, which makes them "dangerous to democracy",  which from the POV of Democrats and their allies in the Administrative State, is "dangerous to single party rule" (their version of "democracy") 

Nixon's 2nd term, and the election of Trump to a 2nd term were "existential threats" to the Deep/Administrative State, so all means were of attack were justified. If the ironclad hold of the Deep/Administrative State was loosened a bit, their powers might not be total anymore, and Americans might see some actual truth about what has been happening for a long time. That MUST be prevented!

on page 123, there is a great "adventures in irony" tale. Ernesto Miranda, the defendant in the famous case was stabbed to death in an Arizona bar. The police detained a solid suspect, who stating his "Miranda Rights" refused questioning and was released. The case was never solved. 

Johnson never really cared about Vietnam, and he assiduously avoided calling it a "war", to not offend China or the USSR. You can LOSE a war, but "Peacekeeping" and  Nation Building" are just nice moral actions which may kill 10's of thousands of American troops, and many times that number of "allies" and "enemies", but at least you didn't start a "war" or "lose". Afghanistan is another great example, and our panicked exit was a duplicate of our embarrassment in Vietnam. 

What he cared about was his massive spending to "finish FDR's work"  by a massive Administrative State welfare program called "The Great Society". The government engaged in "The War On Poverty". As with many leftist ideas, it's promises were grand, it's results were disaster. Both the poor and the American taxpayer lost, and continue to lose that war as well. 

On page 293,  a statistic that explains a lot of things is revealed. The total cost of the decade long moon landing project was less than three months of federal social program spending in 1969! Mondale especially hated the "waste" of money in the Apollo program, but loved the "Great Society". 

The sad joke of the Carter presidency is sadly documented. One of the items that presages where we are now was Carter's appointment of Andrew Young to be Ambassador to the UN. Young was on record saying that the destruction of Western civilization was required for the world to emerge as a "free. and brotherly society". He would ramble on about all the racist US leaders. When asked if that would include Abraham Lincoln, he responded "especially Lincoln". 

Page 572 brought back memories of some of the frigid weather of the 1970's. In '75, the NAS made an almost unanimous report that we were headed quickly for an ice age! Anyone that did not believe the science was of course beyond stupid. I was in my 2nd year of college, and given the glacial effects in N Wisconsin, Lake Superior, and the observed tens of thousands of years cycles of ice ages  ... it DID seem quite likely, and frankly still does. Just not in the next few hundred years. 

Being in college and joining IBM during the "Great Malaise" of the Carter years made me a Republican after a youth where everyone I knew was a Democrat because "Republicans were the party of the rich" ... we certainly were not rich, so the choice was obvious. Carter was the last Democrat I voted for ... I was "mugged by reality", and Reagan cemented my choice of becoming reality vs narrative based.  

The combination of the "War on Poverty" and "The War In Vietnam", was essentially a "War on the United States" which many of the left then, and still today thought to be very good idea. On page 193, 

"...what happens when the financial system is backed by a central bank promising redeem deposits in gold? If a crisis of confidence occurs, then you have run on the banks, but a run on the whole countries currency and gold reserves. This is what happened in 1968. The episode brought to an abrupt halt to the lofty promise of "growth liberalism" or "the new economics", and set the stage for rising inflation and economic instability that took 20 years to remedy." 

Carter, Obama and Biden prove that ideologues never learn. When you believe that more government and more spending are the answer to whatever seems to be the problem, that is what you do. Democrat spending is like bloodletting, a standard practice for 3000 years. It was a major tool in the medical box, and if it failed,  doctors were suspicious it was not administered soon enough or extensively enough. Democrats look at spending, especially the deficit brand, the same way. 

I loved both books because they brought back a lot of memories of my life from kindergarten to kids. If you have either and open or moderately conservative mind (or both) and are not afraid of thick books, highly recommended. If you are a confirmed leftist, this is history you want to erase so you can smugly keep on repeating it!