Monday, June 19, 2023

Europe Is Great! (When it agrees with the left)

'The American left likes to selectively applaud especially Scandinavian Europe when it at least thinks it agrees with them. Turns out that socialist "paradises" like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc are less socialist than that US. Mythology is much more important to Democrats than reality, since reality is generally hostile to their mythology. 

Scandinavian countries have stricter abortion laws than the US. 

They also believe the science rather than the narrative on transgender. 

The European medical community, by contrast, is expressing doubts about that approach. Having allowed these treatments for years, five countries—the U.K., Sweden, Finland, Norway and France—now urge caution in their use for minors, stressing a lack of evidence that the benefits outweigh the risks. This month, the U.K.’s publicly funded National Health Service limited the use of puberty blockers to clinical trials, putting the drugs beyond the reach of most children.

I see a few reasons for this: 

  • European media and science are still more diverse than the US. The EU has not been weaponized to the degree that the Administrative State has in the US.
  • The Democrat Administrative State in the US uses the NIH, CDC, etc in concert with Big Pharma to boost profits, that are then rolled back into the Democrat political machine. 
  • Europe is not yet as hostile to religion and families as the US elites are. The countries retain their state religions, and realize that religion is a unifying force. The US is hard at work to establish "Wokeism" as the state religion ... with little thought as to what effect that will have. 

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