Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Deconstruction, Revolution

Having read the top linked yesterday, which in summary says "the silent majority is out there, they are just quiet". 

We are in the midst of a revolution, a cultural and racial one, that seeks to refute the past, damn the present, and hijack the future. So far, however, we have only heard from one side, the revolutionaries and their enablers themselves.

We are approaching a very weird election in which one of our major parties is taking a stand in favor of rioting, looting, arson, destruction of federal property, and violent attacks on law enforcement. The Democrats seem to think that this is a winning formula. If it is, our republic is doomed. While we may be in deep trouble, I don’t think we are that far gone yet.

One more thing: perhaps the only non-rhetorical question in today’s hearing came from Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell: “Do you commit to not release the Durham report before the election?” Barr’s answer: “No.” Obamagate is the reason why the Democrats undertook to demonize Attorney General Barr before he was even sworn in. They know it is a chink in their armor, and they have no defense against the facts except to defame the messenger. Hence their over-the-top attacks on William Barr. Whether the Durham report and/or indictments will arrive in time to do any good is another matter.

What we see here is a repeat of the elections during Reconstruction under Grant ... 1869-1877. Now as then, Democrats wanted to defeat the federal government in enforcing the rule of law and the Constitution. From the time of the Civil War, up to and including today, the Democrats remain the party of POWER -- the whip, the lynch mob, the riot, fake elections where voters are intimidated, illegal voters are allowed to vote, or the votes are just "mailed in" to be "counted" by Administrative State Democrats, and maybe most of all, depersonalization and isolation -- be it a white hood or a mask, it is effective! 

Do I still have hope that PL is right, and the Durham report will be decisive? Certainly a tiny bit, however having already seen the fake "Russiagate" totally exposed as the greatest political scandal in American history where the Deep State aligns with the MSM and Democrats to attempt to frame a duly elected President, the scheme is exposed, and the people yawn -- just going back to binge watching
entertainment" -- that hope is very small. 

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