Sunday, August 2, 2020

Obama Filibuster Flip -- Filibuster for Me, Not for Thee

Old news for readers of this blog ...  one standard for Democrats, the opposite standard for Republicans. The well known totalitarian "standard" -- the "standard" is whatever power says the standard is TODAY! It may be the opposite of what it supposedly was a minute ago, however THIS minute you better bow (or maybe kneel). 

In April of 2005, Senator Barack Obama took to the floor of the United States Senate and passionately spoke out against Republican efforts to end the filibuster. Then a rising star in the Democratic Party, Obama noted that despite the pressure partisans might feel, it was imperative to “rise above an ‘ends justify the means’ mentality because we’re here to answer to the people — all of the people — not just the ones wearing our party label.”

This week, Obama made precisely the opposite argument during John Lewis’s funeral, contending that eliminating a vital check on partisan power was justified as long as Democrats got the policies they desired.

We live in a time when Orwell's rewriting of history is commonplace and most people are fully ignorant of it. Witness the Boston Marathon bomber being changed from a "refugee" to an "asylee" to preserve the fiction that "refugees" are never terrorists!  

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