Saturday, August 29, 2020

Raised Fists For Fascism

The linked scares me more than anything else I've seen this year, because if that happens in a location I'm in, I'm not raising my hand and I'm not just sitting there -- most likely, I'm just leaving through as many people as I need to -- but I don't really know.

Ever since 5th grade when I walked out of a phys-ed class because the "teacher" forced  5th graders to stand with arms outstretched until some started to cry, with the "instructor" screaming in my face, I've known some things "flip a switch" that seems to make me very calm and extremely resolved.

As a nation, those of us that don't think actual fascism, as opposed to fake "Trump fascism" are going to have to quit sitting down.

Today, at various restaurants in Washington, D.C, BLM protesters demanded that diners eating outdoors raise their fists in support. Most diners did — this is Washington — but a few did not. Those who did not were berated. 

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