Saturday, August 29, 2020

A Major Milestone In Media Malfeasance

Back in the days of "Uncle Walter", "the truth" was whatever he said it was. "And that's the way it is".

That started to sound sketchy to me about the time that Jimmuh Carter started telling us that the world was flat out of oil.

My "trust in media" dial hit empty when Gungda Dan Rather was exposed as a total fraud and Democrat partisan tool by Power Line in the linked. 

It turns out that "Uncle Walter" was not nearly as trustworthy as we thought he was, however the fact that a "big majority" of the country believed him helped unite the country in the same way as most people being practicing Christians with values like "God, family, community, work ethic, etc" being shared by like 80% of the population, was much less dividing than "you have to follow your own truth". 

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