Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Political Vaccine

If you any doubts that everything in this country is political, especially the vaccine, follow the link. 

When Trump was in office, Biden and Harris were highly suspicious of the vaccine.  I do like the honesty of Harris ... "if Trump says to take it, I'm not taking it". Biden is as clear as Biden (or probably his handers) ever are ... "there has to be complete transparency".  Well, at least if the Democrats are not in total control. 

Now that the Deep State minions and are running the circus, taking the vaccine is bordering on mandatory, and questioning anything about it is dangerous "misinformation". As cadaver in chief Biden tells us, saying anything bad about the vaccine is "killing people". 

Therefore, any studies, data, observations, etc that indicate that there are problems with this brand new first in history gigantic trial of a new technology must be censored! 

So how does one learn anything when the actual results are turned into propaganda rather than science? 

A glance at Lysenko will explain "we don't", and in his case it resulted in the deaths of millions. 

A string of skepticism from the left until they were sure the election rig had been successful

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