Monday, July 5, 2021

Cosby, Evidence, Burden Of Proof

Hollywood is easy to "stun" under some conditions, impervious under others. Cosby for 30+ years, Billy C forever, Harvey Weinstein for decades, etc, etc 

I covered the Cosby lynching  back in 2014, his actual sin was coming forward for blacks being responsible in their daily lives. What a nasty man!  

Our "legal system" is purely political. If you tow the leftist line, you walk! Increasingly, if you are black, the "justice" will do their best to avoid any enforcement action at all. 

As in the case of Kavanaugh, if you end up as their target and they can paint you as "unwoke" in any way, forget the idea of "innocent till PROVEN guilty". They demand you prove the negative. "Proving" anything decades old is nigh on impossible, even murders that you KNOW happened because they leave physical evidence, are very difficult to prosecute. 

Such evidence is very rare for "harassment",  unless you have a stained blue dress. Naturally, if you are in good standing with the Democrats, even that doesn't matter!

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