Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Getting The Legos Right

Government Corrects Lego Charge

Perhaps the penalty for the mostly peaceful demonstration (nothing was burned, nobody got a free TV, and the only person killed was an unarmed female veteran by an unnamed assailant)  will be reduced since the Lego model was not fully assembled? 

It is easy to understand how the image of the US has been restored through the "election" of a cadaver post Trump as the media has been celebrating. 

The tragedy of Roe V Wade made America a farce for a good long time. ("first as tragedy, then as farce", Marx)

Trump was an "embarrassment" for the residue  of a formerly significant nation? 

I'm reminded of this great president -- still a leftist hero, even after all the focus on "sexual harassment" ... Roy Moore, Kavanaugh, etc

So I'm just "sitting on the dock of the bay" ...

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