Monday, July 12, 2021

Trust Not In Self Serving Bureaucracy

Since the dawn of civilization, bureaucracy has been the enemy of the people. It's primary purpose is to increase its own power, followed closely by ensuring its isolation from feedback that would expose its malfeasance and incompetence. 

The biggest lesson of the epidemic, which fortunately many Americans seem to have taken to heart, is that you can’t trust experts or politicians, and you can’t believe anything they tell you about the data or science. YOU NEED TO TRUST YOUR OWN ABILITY TO GET THE FACTS AND REASON OUT THE TRUTH.

Our supposed public health experts, most of whom are lifetime government bureaucrats who couldn’t get or keep a job in private industry (yes, this means you Dr. Fauci) have repeatedly promoted suppression measures which anyone who looked at the research and who was thoughtful would reject. Build and be guided by models that aren’t close to representing reality. Close schools, when there is no risk to children and they are minor transmitters. Recommend massive testing programs that don’t slow spread but do generate false and low positives that force people to wrongly quarantine. Use PCR testing results that are essentially worthless in determining who is actually infectious. Over-attribute hospitalizations and deaths to CV-19 and terrorize the population about how scary this virus is. Close businesses and cause enormous and disruptive unemployment. Push social distancing that makes no difference, endorse plastic barriers that make no difference, and most of all, turn masking into a religion when the only actual research shows masks make no difference to community spread. And on and on, with one stupid, incredibly destructive recommendation after another.

Business relies on results in competition in the market and the feedback of profits, or most frequently lack thereof. Only 30% of new businesses last 30 years,  I could not find a statistic on how long government agencies last, am not so surprised to know that we don't even have an agreed list of how many government agencies we currently have. I will give you a link to the "wide horse and burro" program, just in case you are worried that not enough of your tax dollars are going to that critical funcion! 

The point is that bureaucracy endures, and it is dedicated to survival and expanding, because it has no competitors, nor actual oversight. It is the 4th and most powerful branch of our broken insolvent government. 

NEVER trust in "experts"! In order to be an expert on something, you must know more and more about less and less, until you know everything about nothing. That is the price of being a limited human in a universe where the details about even an electron are infinite. 

Given that limitation along with the prime objective of making certain you get credit for anything you can present as a "success",  no matter the cost to others, as well as being a true "expert" on dodging any responsibility for failure. 

Covid did a great job of exposing the total failure of our "experts", though given the efforts of the general media cheerleading, and social media cancelling, most will succumb to the narrative of bureaucratic and "expert" success. 

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