Sunday, September 27, 2020

We Live In Teddy Kennedy's America

The linked makes the case that the "Borking of America" on July 1 1987 was a critical point in the devolution of America into a broken leftist "Wokeistan". I agree it was a key point, however I maintain that Chappaquiddick,  was the extreme turning point -- metaphysically linked with the Moon Landing. 

God is not subtle -- hubris and the fall are eternally linked, and to any with even the most minimal of faith, the truth remains obvious. 

As Bronner suggested, Senator Kennedy’s unconstrained opposition to Bork’s appointment has indeed had profound effects in the practice of “judicial politics.” As Steve put it in The Age of Reagan, “the subsequent public campaign of the activist Left was stunning in its breadth, depth, and dishonesty.” We saw it recur preeminently in the confirmation proceedings following the nomination of Justice Thomas, but not just there. It has become something of a template for liberal attacks on mainstream conservatives beyond the realm of judicial politics.

The tone set by Kennedy in connection with the Bork nomination lives on among Senate Democrats. We live in Edward Kennedy’s America not only in the consequential legislation that he sponsored and saw through the Senate, but also in the afterlife of the vulgar political sham on which Senator Kennedy relied to spark the defeat of Judge Bork’s confirmation.
"Ted Kennedy" is a great answer to "how was America destroyed". 

Roe v Wade (January 22, 1973) cemented the fact that whatever the nation was, it was no longer a "Constitutional Republic" under which Roe would have required the recall of any supporting judge, since it was in no way Constitutional. The idea of "rights" found found nowhere in the Constitution, but only in a  paranormal "penumbra", having more basis in witchcraft than law. Finding a "right" for women to vote, rather than going to all the trouble of the 19th Amendment was the Constitutional way to CREATE a new right -- which everyone understood in 1920. Voting is never really a matter of life and death -- abortion is. 

Teddy was the warlock that reified the witchcraft of conjuring "rights" out of the spirit world with no consideration of such mundane things as Constitutional Amendments. 

In Teddy Kennedy's "america", babies die by the tens of millions, "protected classes" riot and burn cities, "schools" indoctrinate children on hatred of parents, God, tradition, and patriotism, and even the basic truths of man and womanhood are denied. 

To a significant degree, America died with Mary Jo Kopechne on July 29, 1969.

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