Monday, September 28, 2020

Corona In Late September

As was stated by many at the onset, Covid19 is "the flu" -- a quite virulent strain of flu (meaning we mostly all get it because it is easily spread), but thankfully, a strain that has a very low death rate unless you have other underlying illness or are over 70.

The CDC recently updated the survival rates for REPORTED cases of Covid19. Remember, we still are being told that "over 50%" of people infected with Covid do not know they are infected -- thus the masks. You are admonished to wear a mask to "protect others" because you may have Covid and be a "spreader" even if you feel fine. (there is no "science" that says you can be asymptomatic and spread it, however it warms the hearts of the  control oriented bureaucrats to see you in a mask).

Survival rate by age: 

0-19              99.997%

20-49           99.98%

50-69           99.5%

70+               94.6%

Again, this is TOTAL REPORTED! These people mostly had symptoms and went in to be tested. For people without underlying illness the survival chances are MUCH higher!

We can observe that this happy fact is not being reported. We can argue about "why"? 

As I've often mentioned, reputable moderately educated people SCALE numbers! "I've lost 50 lbs" is GREAT news for me, obviously fatal news for a 100lb woman. SCALE MATTERS! When numbers are not scaled you know that the people using them are either not educated or they have an agenda. 

All numbers from

Also remember that the US numbers are HEAVILY affected by the mismanagement in 6 states that seeded nursing homes with infected patients. 

So yes, Corona was negligently mismanaged in 6 states in the US! 

The other factor to understand is that in only 6% of the Corona deaths was Corona the only factor. So the US reporting of "death by Corona" is certainly vastly overstated in comparison to other countries. Interestingly, we STILL look darned good if one looks a deaths per million and consider our size, diversity of population, etc. 

As the PL link points out, Corona is largely political, and I believe has been from the git go. The PL link shows that the different handling of the virus in adjacent states was statistically insignificant. 

The real tragedy is that we are a nation are now so ideologically blinkered that a very low percentage of the population has any hope of learning from events

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