Thursday, September 24, 2020

Is It OK For Liberals To Make Public Death Threats?

This is of special interest to me because I have heard Nils Gilman on Steven Haywards podcast (as he mentions in his post). 

Nils has 14K twitter followers, and is a lefty in good standing -- employed by an institute with a $500 million endowment. The fact that Steve H reaches out to converse with him is one of the reasons I follow Power Line and especially Steve Hayward -- he has civil discussions with guys like Nils!

I'm quite saddened by this event. I'm 2/3 through "The Stakes", Anton's an excellent chronicle of the decline of Conservative / Constitutional / small R republican America. 

This development gives much more creedence to Anton's point that the left is already resorting to violence -- the only real question is if the "silent majority" is going to finally stand up, or just die quietly.

Are there enough "Americans" to stand up and demand that we return to being a great Constitutional Republic, or are we "Wokeistan"? 

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