Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Vote Fraud 101


Certainly since 2000, and really since at least 1960, anyone that has cared to look has KNOWN that vote fraud in the US is widespread and easy to do because of the antiquated and vulnerable ways our votes are counted. I covered the tip of this iceberg in the past ... 2016 being one example

ONE simple method if you have access to the ballots prior to counting ... or especially REcounting is to just see if the vote is for your candidate. If it is, then great, if not, you just also mark the vote as being for your candidate -- thus invalidating the vote. In any sort of "punch" system, this is extremely easy and efficient. Carefully stack a group of ballots and run a rod through the hole for your candidate -- if they voted for them, great! If not, you just invadated all the votes for the other candidate in the stack. 

One drawback of this is since the rod is not as crisp as the voting machine, it tends to create a lot of "hanging chads". Imagine that! 

In FL in 2000 in Broward county, there were apparently a lot of "confused people" (no doubt due to the infamous "butterfly ballot") that "over voted" -- voted for BOTH Bush and Gore!

Mail-in voting creates a lot more opportunity for ballot manipulation. Maybe MOST important, it delays the outcome of the election as the mailed ballots continue to trickle in, so the counting continues until the MSM, Deep State approved candidate finally "wins" as Al Franken did in MN in 2008. 

The link probably gives you more detail than you want, however at least scanning it will give more credence to how big the problem is. 

As Democrats fight tooth and nail against Voter ID and an FOR mail-in, you might get the idea that they are pretty sure where their bread is buttered! 

Remember, Canada has voter ID, as does Mexico 

The Mexican system would be a great model for how we might return trust US elections! 

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