Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Recovering The Family

An excellent podcast that makes me tear up. 

I went through the whole indoctrination that feminism was the companion and possibly even the "mother" of equality in my 70's "education" (I did learn how to program computers). Feminism was at least "co-equal" (a term nearly as nebulous as "justice") with "Civil Rights" -- a term once clearly defined as "removal of discriminatory barriers for blacks, giving them equal rights as opposed to equal outcomes". 

Today "Civil Rights" seems to mean advantage for blacks, discrimination against Asians/white men, advantage to particular "identities", and I'm really not up to date on the latest -- it seems to be that sexualization of children is the bleeding edge of this "progress" (mentioned at end of podcast). 

The tears are because feminism has been VERY "successful" at making not just women, but all of us, much more "independent". From our families, often friends, community, country, meaning, God, and the universe in general. All too often it "frees" a tragic number from their very lives through suicide. 

Perhaps relationships are a much better goal than independence? 

After all, what is the goal of "progressivism"? If each of us has exactly what we "feel" is our "just result", of us being eternally sovereign, as Dante not already explained where we will be? 

 Sadly, (although in the bigger more nuanced picture, I believe eternally joyfully) relationship is a lot more demanding than "making a clean break". In the short term it will almost certainly mean that word that the moderns admonish us we ought never "settle for" -- compromise. Maybe, dare I even utter it, sacrifice? Burning the house down is much easier than building it, and often even harder is repairing it when it is clearly damaged, even broken. 

Yet another level of difficulty is if the daunting task of repair is to be taken up with care, possibly even love, rather than just calling on some "expert" to "fix it". Could we not just "watch a YouTube" and follow the "wisdom" found there? 

The podcast covers some of the "collateral damage" of feminism -- feminized, infantilized, "men", massive divorce and broken homes, increased income and "life quality" inequality (An outcome of "successful" women tending to marry "successful" men, so that they can struggle to have a "co-equal" sort of "family")  A "family" with nobody bearing the burden of leadership, and nobody understanding the necessity of order. 

Like a military with no commander, a ship without a captain, and a body with no head. 

The podcast is stupendous, his books are OMG expensive! 

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