Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Primary Source For Russiagate Proven As Russian Spy


If the US had any credible MSM left, everyone would have known this before the "Russiagate" hoax got off the ground very early in the Trump administration. We know the Deep State, MSM, and global media-elite complex never accepted the results of the 2016 election ... and they still don't, their plan is power takeover by any means this time

So the bottom line is that as anyone who paid attention to the minimal MSM reporting on the Strzok/Page texts, the FBI was seeking to stop Trump even before the election, 

The FBI was well aware that their main "source" was a Russian spy:

The FBI long suspected that a major source for Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier was a Russian spy, according to newly declassified documents. In other words, the bureau knowingly relied on the word of a suspected Russian spy to spy on a Trump campaign aide wrongly smeared as a Russian spy: Carter Page.
So we knew this long ago, but now, anyone that even cares a tiny bit knows beyond reasonable doubt that our Federal "institutions" are massively (irretrievably?) corrupt. 
By July 2010, the FBI was applying for a FISA warrant to put Danchenko under surveillance. But before the FISA application was approved, Danchenko left the U.S. The FBI closed the investigation.

Come the end of 2016, the Crossfire Hurricane team at the FBI knew that Danchenko was the source of Christopher Steele’s extraordinary allegations. The Crossfire crew also knew of the 2009 investigation that gathered evidence Danchenko was a Russian spy.

And yet, even with reason to suspect that the materials produced by Danchenko were Russian disinformation, the FBI agents investigating the Trump campaign continued to treat the Steele dossier as if it were something to be believed.
How many people care? I fear not nearly enough. 

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