Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Biden Unchained

I don't waste my time watching "debates" -- I'm certainly voting a straight R ticket because the Rs are the least objectionable alternative in "Wokeistan". It is possible they won't send me to a reeducation camp -- or a mass grave for "Deplorables". 

I have of course heard that may Rs were "disappointed" -- what sane person would not be in a country where Hillary (and may other Ds) declare that Biden should not concede under any circumstances, and ACB is a member of a "weird sect" (Bible believers) that believes men are divinely ordered to head families? 

Apparently. the "debate" showed that the narrative "Biden nice civil guy" is exposed to anyone that cares. I doubt that many do, however the truth is better than fiction. 

Somehow, Biden always brings this Batman scene to mind -- he has that Jack Palance sort of vibe about him. 

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