Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The AP, Dead Gorilla In Coal Mine

A common old time expression was "the canary in the coal mine". Allegedly, miners kept a canary with them, and if it dropped dead, they got out. Supposedly canaries were more sensitive to lethal gases than humans, so they were an early warning system. 

The AP has been dead for a long time, but in this age of continuing to kick Trump and his supporters after he is long gone, a little "corpse abuse" is in order.

The latest example of AP’s troubled role involves its offices in the Gaza Strip, a territory controlled by Hamas. For some 15 years, the AP has operated out of an 11-story building in Gaza City, the al-Jalaa Tower, where al Jazeera also has offices. According to Israeli military intelligence, journalists weren’t the only ones in that tower. Hamas terrorists also had offices there and were using them to plan terror attacks on Jewish civilians. So, in the midst of Israel’s wider military campaign against Hamas assets, the Israeli Defense Forces told everyone to evacuate the building, which was then destroyed by aerial bombardment. No one was injured.
Remember how Trump was going to be disaster, especially in foreign policy? Is't it special that we now have the worst Palestinian situation since 2014? Gee, who was president then?

The column is worth a read, as Lipson usually is.

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