Friday, May 14, 2021

Israel, The Fog Of War

I like the Spectator because it admits it has a conservative bias (like there is such a thing as truth, life has meaning,  etc) ... that old fashioned stuff, while it valiantly tries to be even handed. 

This column admits that it is "possible" that Netanyahu had a hand in this escalation. It is clear however that violence in the region is a way of life. Israel isn't going away, and the Arabs are going to continue to attempt to erase it. It is widely thought that Israel has nuclear subs with nuclear missiles, in which case, "erasing" Israel would almost certainly result in the destruction of Tehran, and possibly Mecca. 

Muslims see that as a good thing. If they destroy Israel, and Israel kills them,  they are assured  that Muslim heaven will have a severe  run on virgins. Given that Muhammad's favorite wife had the pleasure of the marriage being consummated when she was  age 9. Does Allah simply create more virgins millions of Muslims are annihilated by nuclear fire? It has never been clear to me what female Muslim martyrs get, but I suppose that is not of any concern in their system. 

The Muslim respect for women knows no bounds. The American left just loves Islam, were women caught in adultery and gays are stoned. OTOH, they hate Christians that espouse horrible things like loving your enemies. 

If you think about how the left looks at lots of things ... like assuming we won't have an energy problem if we get rid of all fossil and nuclear, and go to wind and solar, perhaps this actually makes sense in context? 

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