Wednesday, May 26, 2021

America, Taiwan, What Is "A Country"?

Taiwan has the advantage of being a specific territory, but through use of power, China increasingly says it is not a country. So does John Cena. 

Iraq once declared Kuwait was not a country. HW Bush, ("wouldn't be prudent"), usually considered a total whimp, actually stood up and threw the Iraqi bums out. Kuwait remained a country. 

The old United States was a country based on ideas rather than territory. "We hold these truths to be self evident", a written Constitution that was actually followed, and a population that revered the founding, the founders and the founding principles/ideas. I maintain that since Critical Race Theory and "Wokeness" are now the supposedly "elected" foundation of the territory once known as "America", whatever it is, it is no longer a country. 

Part of being a country is being able to defend your borders, and/or having enough allies to join with you to keep your status as a country. 

Suppose the Cadaver In Chief of Wokeistan is likely to stand with Taiwan? 

Not too likely is it? 


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