Thursday, May 27, 2021

CCP Virus Breakthroughs, Stop Counting

Epoch Column

I'm happy that the CDC and media are treating virus breakthroughs of fully vaccinated people as "not a concern", because that is how reasonable people operate. If only they would have treated the tiny number of serious  cases in children and even healthy adults under "50" in the same reasonable manner. 

What does concern me a bit more is: 

Of the cases, more than six in 10 occurred in females, with the median patient age being 58, according to a new report from the CDC, which stopped counting breakthrough infections as of May 1, except for those that cause hospitalization or death.

 Is there a pattern here?  The Obama administration stopped counting H1N1 cases in 2009 because "they already knew it was an epidemic". I've often said that if you don't like what someone tweets,  quit following them -- my general attitude to lots of supposed "sources" these days. 

However, when it is your job to count, ceasing to count when you don't like what you see tends to make your "counting" more political than scientific. It makes the sham of trusting the bureaucracy a bit too clear -- the actual mission of any bureaucracy is to increase its power,  not to actually do some supposed "critical mission".

As I've often observed, the real meaning of "believe the science" is "believe the narrative". 

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