Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Dr Erickson, Covid, Isolation Risks

It is WELL worth your time to watch at least "15 min" of this excellent video. The summary is easy:

  • We now know that unless you are in a vulnerable group, Covid is mild flu and needs to be treated as such.
  • Your immune system is like your muscles. It must be "exercised" to stay strong. Isolate, wear a mask, it will weaken -- and then you get sick. There are LOTS of germs and viruses can make you very sick and/or kill you. They did not go away just because everyone decided to focus on Covid! We used to keep sick people in bed for a long time, now we get them up ASAP -- we LEARNED! 

Get out, don't wear a mask. BE WELL! If people shame you, remember to love your neighbor! (unless of course you are in a vulnerable group!

The video is well done, lots of solid information with NO NAME CALLING! One of the bigger points is simply that "projections are not reality". They don't fault anyone for making doom and gloom projections, they would have done the same, early on!

What they want to get out now is that as for "some reason", our global health system (especially Europe and US) is failing to adjust for what is being seen in the real world as that information increasingly becomes available. 

WHY the the over reaction was as extreme as it has been, and why there is such reluctance to learn from the GOOD NEWS is still a mystery that needs to be better understood. This can't be "the new normal"!

Vary your news sources, look at sites like Worldometers, and SCALE THE NUMBERS to population. Observe that Sweden with no lockdowns, reasonable social distancing is doing pretty well.

Observe that in the US, the deaths are very localized:

Take a deep unmasked breath and LEARN!

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