Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The End Of The Corona Myth


An excellent summary article. Much like the end of the USSR, fracking will never lower gas prices. we are out of oil, cholesterol is bad, Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election, or countless other MSM / Deep State / global Davos elite myths, the "millions will die" Corona myth is fast taking its place in the litany of Mass Effects Mythology.

As it recedes into the past, the "powers that be" -- MSM, Deep State, global Davos elite, etc will move it into being the "fault" of Trump, corporations, big pharma, etc ... the big lie of "we are all in this together" will cover the tracks of reality.

 Was there actual elite panic? Was there massive short selling, or investment in producers of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)"? Did China release this on purpose, possibly in concert with Russia and the Saudi's to tank the energy markets and try to kill the fracking companies? The list is way too long to draw any conclusions, but from the start, the response to Covid 19 was clearly extreme and and highly out of character to the many VERY comparable viruses of the past. "Why" is something very few are asking.

Naturally, it could all be just massive global incompetence. Consider that as of today, the deaths per million in NY are 1,153,  in Japan, 3 (THREE), and in South Dakota, castigated by the MSM last week for being a poorly managed "hot spot", they are 13 per million. Open your mind, escape the MSM matrix! Having an open mind and being able to honestly assess rather than follow the crowd of WHO/CDC etc can make a HUGE difference!

Anyway, we now know that Corona is way more infectious than even the worst case projections, and other than for the elderly and immunocompromised, WAY less serious/deadly than even the best case projections. Yet again, "predictions are hard to make, especially about the future", and "the map is not the territory"

One might think that we know these things, but clearly as a general population. we do not.

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