Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tribal Virtue, Biden "Standard"

As new evidence (largely ignored by MSM) that Biden was sexually harassing Tara Reade in 1993, we see a great example of the "Tribal Virtue Standard". The MSM / Deep State ruling class firmly established that standard with Chappaquiddick, and then doubled down with Bill Clinton.

Then there is the standard that the MSM / Deep State apply to conservatives. We recently saw it clearly with Kavenaugh and Roy Moore ... no matter how old or uncorroborated the allegations, they must be taken as gospel! The higher standard of "political virtue" (destroying conservativism) demands it! You can show your "virtue" by demanding that the "standard" of "all women must be believed" -- when they are attacking conservatives!

I could go into a long boring list of cases (Bob Packwood, Clarence Thomas, ... yes, sometimes the accused does "beat the charges", but not really -- where would they go get their reputation back?

As the above cases show, the "standard" applied to conservatives is "the accused is presumed guilty" -- the standard of tyranny. In California they have made it official.

So we have the current case of Sleepy Joe Biden with a video of the accusers mom calling Larry King back in '93 for corroboration. Naturally, “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable.”  Biden complained that the NY Times would report facts damaging to a Democrat, so they modified the story. Why can't we just all see that it is much better to be leftist!

Will Conservatives go all the way down to the Democrat "standard" in seeking to get a "media conviction" on Biden? Certainly Trump might indicate minor direction in that way -- although his failings were prior to his presidency.

OTOH the Roy Moore treatment indicated conservatives have a LONG way to go before they get even close to the "Biden Standard". when the ancient accusation is against one of their own. For conservatives, and especially conservative Christians, it is HARD to accept how corrupt the nation they once loved has become.  At least they showed some sense of "getting it" when it came to Kavenaugh. Sadly, the "Kavenaugh standard" means that SCOTUS appointment that supports the Constitution can only get confirmed when Republicans control the Senate.

What Corona makes abundantly clear in addition is that conservatives must build a much stronger backbone if the civilization is going to remain on life support rather than drop to total brain death! When politics becomes "god", as it has for the vast majority of the left, then "virtue" depends on following that political dogma perfectly,  even if it means giving up your religion, your freedom, and eventually, your life. MUCH better to understand that before the left tears down your church -- rather than just labeling it "nonessential".  If you cower just because the "experts say" that this virus is REALLY dangerous, you will certainly cower even more if the threat is greater than just "stay home and shut up".

The next few months and likely years will give us real insight into the costs of following the MSM / Global/Davos/ Deep State elite on Corona. No matter how bad it is, it is easy to see how it can get REALLY costly from here! Money is just money ... eternity is much more serious.

Freedom never has, and never will be "free" -- it is always costly. Christ gave his life so you could be eternally free from sin and death.  For us, it means taking reasonable risks, because freedom is always going to involve "harsh" things like risk, responsibility, hard work, standing up even when your position is unpopular, protesting loss of freedom, clinging to your guns and religion, and the rest of the Constitution, standing up for life, etc. Being free often means even being wrong -- that is often part of the cost of learning. If you think education by experience is expensive, try stupidity learned from a book!

Freedom means that if all your friends and relatives jump over a cliff, you DON'T FOLLOW!  You pray and follow Christ (even if he and his followers are being crucified)! Back in the bad old days, when I was kid, that was something parents taught -- along with "sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you". Freedom absolutely requires that unpopular views MUST be stood up for! Sometimes people will even be hurt -- usually just their virtue and pride, but sometimes even their bodies. Historically freedom  often means standing up in war, as it Revolutionary, Civil, WWI and II, etc, etc

If you believe that freedom is too expensive, read "The Gulag Archipeligo" ... none of us get out of this mortal coil alive.

Once you give up standing up, you are reduced to just hoping that your rulers let you out to celebrate your "freedom" on the 4th of July. As Reagan said, "A liberal will strongly defend your right to agree with them!"

Let Joe and Corona go and you are walking toward tyranny. Walk toward the Cross vs popularity, science, wealth, comfort, likes on FB,  etc ... you will be eternally grateful!

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