Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Limiting Free Geach


The linked lets you explore the case of Jonathan Geach, a Tennessee physician M.D. anesthesiologist who appears to be a "practical common sense country doctor" of the type of Lenard McCoy of Star Trek fame. Clearly the type of professional that must be silenced in today's "Yavol, you must follow the diktat of your state masters!" world. I'm beginning to think that Gates and the rest of the Davos elite have decided that things like Brexit and the Trump election are just much too threatening to their power and MUST be stamped out with "extreme prejudice" (no matter how many Deplorables  are collateral damage.

"We live in a world of liberal intolerance, of which I would never before have believed. Deplatforming, as this is called, is really a modern form of book burning. We must burn books that go against the dogma. I have good credentials and am a physician. My co-authors — four other physicians and a nurse practitioner — also had good credentials, and we advocated well-reasoned and duly sourced positions. Unfortunately, we hold the wrong opinion, and a “dangerous” one at that."

Freedom, as life itself, always will, and always has real costs. For those with "power", it means that their "power" is limited. For all who live, it means that life will remain full of uncontrollable risk. Certainly, attempts can be made to mitigate risk, however those will also always come with the very real chance that the mitigation turns out to have costs that turn out to be unacceptable in the longer term -- (and often every attempt is made to hide those costs).

The short version":

  • we know KNOW on the basis of real data that the extreme models are WAY wrong. Deaths per day has peaked  ... and that is with deaths likely being vastly over reported (if you die in the US, you are supposed to be tested, if you show Covid19, that IS the "cause") 
  • "Flatten the curve" turned out to be so "flat" that in all but the real hot spots (NYC, NJ, etc), medical practitioners are furloughed. People are drying from not being able to get treatment for standard medical conditions. 
  • Further testing has shown that the virus was much more widely spread already than was thought, thus bringing the actual death rate down to a bad flu season. 
  • Geach makes a good argument that the dread "2nd wave" is likely a paper tiger ... a bit technical to summarize easily, but worth looking at. 
The whole chain is a good read for those not already convinced that tyranny is acceptable.

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