Wednesday, July 12, 2023

What We Share With Taiwan

An important and short read. 

In sum, despite knowing for decades that in view of America’s policy of strategic ambiguity (read: when push comes to shove, you’re on your own) it must be self-sufficient, Taiwan has failed to defend adequately against an obvious and overwhelming threat. In choosing not to harden itself and not sufficiently to deter, it has been unforgivingly remiss, irresponsible, and self-destructive.

That is exactly what it has in common with the United States, which despite the rise of China, the nuclear militancy of Russia, and the existence and immanence of the nuclear crazy states North Korea and Iran, has steadily disarmed itself since the end of the Cold War. A description of the self-immolation would be book-length, but one example is particularly illuminating, and demonstrates the failure of America’s China strategy. The Biden navy is not even half the size of Reagan’s; the industrial base is kneecapped so that the Pentagon requires six years to replenish even the relatively minor stocks going to Ukraine; and now fewer, unhardened, U.S. Pacific bases are under the shadow of 4,000 Chinese missiles.

A supposedly great nation electing a leader like Biden is like Britain electing  "Peace in our time" Neville Chamberlain in the face of an increasingly dominant NAZI Germany. 

Why not content ourselves with the remains of the day? Why not accept a dark but gentle decline, like Britain’s, as something that can be borne as other nations rise to dominate? Especially given the nature of these nations’ totalitarian and often barbaric political systems and behaviors, a crucial difference, perhaps not sufficiently noted, is that throughout its travails and decline Britain had the U.S. to shield it—from Germany, Germany once again, and the Soviet Union.

We have no such protector, and should we continue on our neglectful course, as hard as it may be to imagine in this “weak piping time of peace,” our denouement will be violent and tragic. It has already begun, as we collapse internally, partially in response to external forces that we have the wit neither to credit nor even to comprehend.

To the extent Biden was actually "elected", or more likely installed, by the dominant Democrat / Administrative State / Big Business / Big Media oligarchy , we can assume that the elite are fine with their connections with the PRC leadership, and assume that they will continue in luxury while the "deplorables" in the US are forced to accept PRC masters as opposed to the current Oligarchy. 

Our heavily armed civilian population, and the likelihood that our military, though overmatched, may be formidable at modern guerilla warfare could provide some surprises. No doubt it won't be pretty. Covid was just a shot across the bow, they have viral weapons that far surpass Covid. They may even be able to only affect Caucasians, which would be an excellent strategy. 

These two links give a nicely dystopian view of what could be in store for the West.

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