Sunday, May 17, 2020

A Viral Fable

Once upon a time in the Middle Kingdom, there arose a Great Leader -- so great that even many of those certain that they were enlightened (especially the young)  living in the old world territories hoisted his visage on posters and studied his little red book. As time passed, the Middle Kingdom decided to kill most of its girl babies, while the enlightened decided that children were a burden to their existence of ease and pleasure, and thus ceased having them, especially those of the evil caucasian race that were sorry for their great sins of destroying the environment and formerly being proud of their ancient culture. Their freedom to kill the unborn on the altar of convenience and pleasure became an important sacrament of their faith.

Years passed. The Middle Kingdom grew ever stronger, often aided by technologies stolen from the enlightened kingdoms. who grew ever weaker, more divided, more selfish, more addicted to pleasure, less interested in study, work, responsibility and more ashamed of their ancient culture and religion. They lost any understanding of why they had once been great and powerful,  and ceased to be so. They educated the fewer and fewer children they had to hate their culture and history, and revered centralized bureaucratic state controlled systems like the Middle Kingdom they had worshiped in their youth. They became increasingly compliant and easily led by experts. 

Independent thought became "deplorable", or sometimes seen as "bitterly clinging" to their ancient religion and such outmoded ideas as freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of association. and the right to bear arms. For many, their primary virtue became showing how willing they were to follow the dictates of whatever the centralized state and world wide media complex decreed to be the facts as duly declared by the experts. 

The Middle Kingdom realized that "going viral" was power -- both in the Social Media world with "memes", and in the physical world with modified viruses. They began to experiment with modified RNA ... "Bird Flu", "Swine Flu", etc. Many attacked only pigs or chickens, but as knowledge grew, the viruses became more and more targeted. In 2009 the H1N1 virus, focused on  people less than 50 years of age, infected 60 million around the globe, and killed 500 thousand -- or maybe more. When the numbers got to high in an ancient territory ruled by BO, they just quit testing. Most of the world was blissfully unaware of this successful test of physical and media viral control. 

In 2017-2018, another successful test killed 80 thousand in the ancient territory that was once a set of united states, but was now a divided impotent backwater largely controlled by a corrupt global government. This level of carnage also received essentially no attention from the general population, proving the power of the global media. 

The focus of the masses was directed to the media created crisis that had  put the Middle Kingdom on high alert.  A larger group than predicted set of proletariat reactionaries had elected populist leaders in the ancient kingdoms of England and America who foolishly claimed they would return these former nations to the bad old days of intact families, understanding of the old culture, and even so far as allowing worship of the discredited religion of "The One True Faith" -- in fact, many of the adherents to this discredited religion were supporters of these dangerous leaders! 

This unfortunate occurrence required the Middle Kingdom to accelerate plans, and release a modified Corona virus which was very specifically targeted to those 70 years of age and above. Even more critical to the plan was the use of the global state media to declare this virus as exceedingly deadly to the entire population, and through their allies in the global health organizations to shut down the economies of the ancient kingdoms, which had quickly flourished under the dangerous reactionary leaders. 

The level of fear allowed a shift to only voting by mail, which in turn allowed the votes to be created and counted by Deep State employees, in total agreement with expert approved global elite dogma. The 50 year plan of the Great Leader of little red book and posters was finally realized! The people who had worshiped his visage in their youth were now in complete control! 

The early 2020s became known as "The Viral Age". A series of targeted viruses were released, the most crucial of which was 90% effective in killing caucasian males over the age of 40. Since a huge majority those under the age of 40 had been fully indoctrinated with the teachings of the Great Leader, the threat of any continuation or recurrence of what quickly became known as "The Deplorable Rebellion" went down the memory hole.

As the Middle Kingdom became "The Kingdom",  the goal of a benevolent one world state was finally achieved. Through an expertly controlled global media, ubiquitous global surveillance, and genetically engineered targeted viruses. Finally, a completely rational peaceful state was realized! The tragic and mysterious Muslim Plague following the Hajj in 2021 killed 70% of the world Muslim population before 
Huadong Medicine incredibly developed an effective (but expensive) vaccine. The fortunes of trillionaires Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg were much enhanced due to their prescient investments in this fine humanitarian company.

In these post post modern times, it is extremely dangerous to claim "a moral" to ones fables. The concept of "fiction" is considered extremely dangerous, since it indicates a freedom of thought indicative of the illusion that mere private thoughts have some validity in the reality of absolute state control of thought, association, speech, travel and any old tired ideas of the worship of something beyond the state.

Be well, comrade! 

** For the censors that rule, I humbly beseech you to remember this is FICTION (the future always is!), and therefore, here in the pre Middle Kingdom era, highly necessary to maintain a threadbare illusion of free speech!**

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