Friday, July 28, 2023

False Statistics Of Climate

File this one under "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics".

A refresher on the basics. "Women are safer drivers than men". It's obvious! Go look at the statistics! Male drivers have DOUBLE the fatal accidents as men do!

Well ... Who was driving your car the last time the weather was bad? The last time you had a "couple" of drinks at a party late at night? Who does most of the driving?

We could go on and on, but at a minimum it is obvious that "per mile driven" is a key measure that needs to be considered. If you just take the raw number, it could be that women have a fatal accident every 1K miles, and men have one every 100K miles ... without some honest statistician doing their best on sample size, what units are being measured, the scale selected for the chart, etc, a "perfectly easy to understand" chart can be totally misleading.

The FACT is that there are 10x more deaths caused by cold than heat. Common sense would tell you that ... if you are overheated, get in the shade, drink some fluids, etc.

If your car runs off the road in really cold weather and you are not prepared, or you are drunk and fall over outside on a cold night, you are poor, your house is poorly insulated and the furnace goes out in extreme cold, etc, etc.

But never mind "common sense", since it is in such short supply these days it really isn't worth mentioning.

Which means you are drilled that you MUST "believe the science", which usually includes a bunch of "obvious" charts that "prove" what the biased "scientist" is determined to make you believe.

Witness the "obvious" that heat causes more deaths than cold:

Obvious, right? Well, it is obvious that you are being snookered when you look at the scaling at the bottom of the chart. 

Using uniform scaling, you get the following. Looks a bit different, right? 

Now I understand that "Global Warming" has been rebranded to "Climate Change", so cold deaths would also be candidates for "evidence", however it is summer now, and they are pitching heat, thus it is important to present heat as more deadly right now. 

All you need to do is "believe the science" ... or often, "the statistics" presented to you as a blatant lie. 


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