Saturday, July 29, 2023

Government, Business, Obesity Alliance

Why are Americans so fat? 

Like many of our problems, the government got involved! 

Our healthcare system incentivizes people to be sick,” says Calley Means, co-founder of TrueMed, a payment integration company that enables customers to use pre-tax health savings account and flexible spending account funds on healthy food, supplements and exercise-related costs. “If pharma and the healthcare industry were to design a perfect system, it would be that everyone’s getting sick from food and we’re not curing anything, and people are not dying quite yet, but we’re managing more and more conditions that are tied to food. That’s exactly the system we have… Their business model is charging people who need interventions.”

The basic cause is that government has incentivised an unhealthy diet. 

In the 1970s, in a bid to stabilize food prices, President Richard Nixon authorized subsidizing corn crops; that glut in the market led to the development of high fructose corn syrup, which turned out to be much cheaper to produce than sugar. Today, it’s hard to go to the grocery store and find a package of anything that doesn’t contain seed oils or corn syrup. Cereals, chips, crackers and salad dressings are rife with both. I thought I was safe eating a handful of whole roasted cashews, but no: the label lists “vegetable oil (peanut, cottonseed, soybean and/ or sunflower seed).” Because seed oils are intensely subsidized, they’re very cheap. The American Action Forum reports, “The most heavily subsidized and produced crops — corn, soy and wheat — are key ingredients in highly processed foods and are consumed at an ever-growing rate.”

It takes teamwork to destroy a population, and our "educational" system has pretty much destroyed critical thinking and produced a nation of sheep, that are ripe for the shearing by marketing, misleading dietary guidance, and now, even celebrating obesity. 

We may as well be putting Fentanyl ads on during the Superbowl, and have Lizzo for the halftime show! 

“We live in a system where chronic disease management is a growing sector of the entire economy that is also bankrupting us,” Teicholz observes. “Death and disease are the great engines of the American economy now.”

We live in a Democratic Republic. That means we need to have the common sense to regulate ourselves as well as our government and industries. We are NOT "victims", we are irresponsible patsies sucking in the sludge from big government, big pharma, big medicine, big media, etc with no sense that we need to be awake and critical. Naturally, all the "bigs" heavily discourage independent thought and study, but being a victim is not an answer! 

How did all this happen? Same as ancient Greece, Rome, the UK, USSR, NAZI Germany, China, etc ... the people become fat dumb and not really "happy", but distractedly compliant. 


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