Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Chauvin Babbit Standards 

The linked contains a solid analysis of the Chauvin "trial". Yes, the prosecution did well. Yes, the defence did poorly. It was a made for TV "drama", and the script was followed. 

I thought the key point was made first in the linked post. 

This entire case could not have happened just 10 or 15 years ago. The prosecution was driven by the global phenomenon of a bystander video that was posted to social media. In years gone by, there would have been no controversy. George Floyd would have been recorded as the 5,000th or so opioid death in Minnesota.
I propose the following as what the "standards" of law enforcement in Wokeistan are.:

The standard for police being involved in the death of a black man in any way during attempted or actual arrest is for them to be maximum "imaginable" crime, after with the assumption will be “Guilty until proven innocent beyond any doubt.” (prove there are no unicorns beyond any doubt, prior to a not guilty verdict)

The “Chauvin amendment to standard” : “If declared guilty a priori by public officials, large lawsuit awards, threats of rioting and looting, killing jurors, etc. Useless “deliberation” must be short.

Note: The standard for the killing of an unarmed white woman military veteran by police shall be, “no charges filed, identity of officer not to be released”. ( The Ashley Babbitt standard)

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