Monday, April 19, 2021

Kimberly Porter, Resisting Arrest

 Choosing a firearm vs a taser is a bad mistake. This video gives a little insight as to why officers may feel some pressure in these situations. 

Have you ever confused left vs right? If you have, consider how being in a high pressure situation that could cost your life might affect your ability to choose the proper hand. 

Chris Rock provides some practical insight on how to not get your ass kicked in a police interaction here. It would also very much decrease your chances of getting shot. 

The person resisting arrest HAS A CHOICE! They make the decision to put their own life, AND THE OFFICERS life at risk. The officer -- committed to doing his/her job, protecting the community, and likely other officers at the scene, really does not have a choice. 

This PL post discusses the Duante Wright shooting and officer (Kimberly Porter) being charged. 

So why would anyone become or stay a police officer? 

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