Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Settled Science of Climate Change Marches On

 In real science, it is a THEORY of climate change ... since every prediction is only a theory until it is tested, and even then, it is only as good as the next test. If it is science, it MUST be falsifiable -- otherwise it is not science, but dogma. We still speak of Einstein's theory of relativity, because that is what it is, and parts of it have been shown to be wrong, or at least not universally accurate. 

In the case of Climate Change, which was formerly Global Warming -- but was rebranded to be more marketable, the prediction that the climate will change is like "you will surely die" ... the climate WILL change, but so what? Specific, accurate, testable theories are valuable. We often learn much more from finding out our theories are significantly or even totally wrong - that is actual scientific progress. 

The "certain prediction" (until the next ice age) is that the earth is warming in the big picture, as it has been for 10K years. We are admonished by the man behind the curtain to pay no attention to record low temps, they are "weather". OTOH record high temps are not weather, but proof of warming. In a world of Davos elite globalism, coupled with media and government being joined at the hip, the narrative requires that you believe, not that you think. 

Back in 2014, I blogged on a great example of how the media and global government runs this scam

In 2010, Scientific American let us know that Lake Superior reaching record high surface temps was evidence that even deniers could really not deny. The record was 68 degrees F, and it was breached: 

"The Great Lakes in a lot of ways have always been a canary in the coal mine," Cameron Davis, the senior adviser to the U.S. EPA on the Great Lakes, said last week. "Not just for the region or this country, but for the rest of the world."

Given the record cold temps in TX, I decided to look at how much increase in the maximum temp for the big lake there has been since my blog entry. The peak for 2020 was 65 degrees F ... so the lake COOLED 3 degrees. In 2014, the max was 58.3 F. It appears that like many things in this world, "it varies" ... and quite quickly.

I'm certain that given the right selection of starting dates, statistical massaging, etc, it can be shown that the lake is still warming. Like much in today's world, are you going to believe "the experts", "the science", or your own lying eyes? Increasingly, you may well be Cancelled, fired, etc for choosing the latter. It is "deplorable" (even painful) to think in today's world. 

In actual science, if your theoretical predictions turn out to be wrong, that means your theory is wrong. Sadly, as with our response to Covid, we no longer admit to the experts/theories/projections/models being wrong, so we get dumber rather than smarter

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