Monday, February 1, 2021

Damn The Environment, Invest In Lithium 

The world is filled with winners and losers. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

The world is on a "clean energy" binge -- so what is the equal and opposite reaction? Lithium, cobalt, manganese and other things have to be mined, processed, transported, etc. So there is collateral damage to the environment. Who cares? The "right" people get rich and the oil and gas workers get the shaft.  

My current (small) investment in lithium is LIT ... based on my investment expertise, I'd recommend selling that puppy short! (NO! I'm kidding! Unless you are a Davos elite insider, short selling is RISKY). 

Much like the Covid panic, where the elite made LOTS of money (Amazon, Google, WalMart, people that were in the know that after the crash, governments would go on a printing binge, etc). 

Who makes lots of money from Biden being "elected"? Wind / solar companies, rail companies like BNSF because pipelines are being cancelled, so more has to move by rail (Warren Buffet owns BNSF) ... 

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