Monday, February 1, 2021

Aussies Curious What Has Happened To Wokeistan Under Biden

This video is stolen from the Power Line blog. It is well worth watching. 

The points? 

-- Washington was a ghost town for the Biden "inauguration" except for thousands of National Guard troops ... who are still there, and will be until "March". Very little reporting in the MSM, and no "concern". Can anyone even imagine the outcry if Trump taken similar action in the face of the massive riots and marches as he took office? 

-- Biden issued more executive orders in his first week than any previous president. Even left leaning PolitiLie agrees -- although they put as good a spin on it as they weakly can. Every executive order Trump issued was "tyranny" by comparison -- although the left has now outlawed such comparisons as "WhatAboutism". 

-- Insiders in the WH are already leaking about Biden's mental health. Naturally, the MSM is not generally reporting it -- really. why should they? Anyone with eyes knows it already. 

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