Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Fascism In Action, The Power Line Case


The short story is that Scott Johnson of Power Line was excluded from the MDH press briefings on and after April 27 of this year because he asked tough questions and posted blog entries critical of the "circle of love" cozy reporting with local MSM (Star Trib, MPR, etc). He filed suit and was eventually ... with lots of effort, expense, and judicial involvement, they grudgingly relented. 

So much for "free" speech. 

Here we have proof of the media / government cabal. "The Press" was once considered to be a vital "Fourth Estate", described in Wikipedia as follows:

Due to the massive increase in centralized political powers, emerges a need for the fourth estate of democracy, where transparency is maintained regarding information, news and the public sphere.[26] This fourth estate, being the news media, contributes greatly and is used as a tool for the unbiased dispersion of news.[27] Addressing important information that may often showcase the dark side of political parties or corporations.

I assert that it is completely obvious to a reasonable observer that there is no longer a vital "Fourth Estate" -- the Media, Government, and large corporations are effectively a single entity. I assert:

  1. Media and the "State/Deep State" are now a single voice espousing one view of increasingly centralized anti Christian bureaucracy.
  2. Large corporations,  like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter , Microsoft, etc are effectively government extensions. They force their employees to celebrate things like gay "marriage", transgender, abortion, etc and actively discourage their even speaking about opposing views on any "rightish" political views -- mask mandates, less government, less regulation, no suppression of religion, etc
  3. This means that what was formerly "America" is now an increasingly oppressive fascist state
We desperately need a return to the once great Constitutional Republic that was America, or, failing that, a creation of a separate "Free Republic of North America Under God". 

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