Monday, November 23, 2020

Covid Corona Great Barrington Declaration

If you want to know about lockdowns, stated by experts, here you go (short). 

If you want to spend quite a bit of time learning about viruses in general, and Covid/Corona in particular, the video  is good. The short answer is "it's the flu, and we don't know why the world went crazy." 

Naturally, even though the guy speaking ( Dr Sucharit Bhakdi) has great credentials and awards, the world wide media elite has decided his motivation is "money/fame" for spreading "lies". So a 77 year old that has WAY more marbles ih his head than Joe Biden, suddenly decides to cancel his reputation and career for a few bucks? 

I had a nice conversation with a local plumber/sewer guy the other day about a county sewer inspector that had finally been encouraged to "move on" after a lot of complaints. He said she really knew the rules and wanted them applied 100% in all cases -- no grace. She asked him at one point: "Why do you care? You make even more money when the rules say you need a more expensive system?" 

He didn't answer her, but the answer was that he knows people are not made of money, and they can't afford $15K vs $6K ... he wants to put in what they have space for and WILL work ... he lives here, and he wants BOTH clean water and decent people that don't get pushed out because of ever increasing regulation. 

So you ask, what does this have to do with Corona? The answer is, "follow the money". When bureaucratic power rules, there is no concern for "collateral damage". Money and power become the only concerns. 

If you read this blog, you already know that my guess at the answers are: 

  1. A global "Davos elite" that combines, global corporations, global media, the UN, bureaucratic "woke" governments, universities, legal systems etc decided to "not waste an opportunity". 
  2. This power structure speaks with one voice, and it's prime objective is power/control. 
  3. The global health power structure (WHO) huge biotech corporations, etc saw an specific opportunity to flex their muscles ... think "military industrial complex", OPEC, the EU, Climate Change, etc.  Not to mention no doubt billions of dollars being made by people "in the know". Is this a "conspiracy"? No more than a stock market bubble or "fad" is a "conspiracy". 
  4. Of course, Trump ... he is a threat to those global structures. Why he has not met a bad "accident" is one of the worlds great mysteries in my mind. They didn't want a martyr ? 

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