Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Where Election Integrity Dies

The US Has The Worst Election Integrity Of Long Established Democracies

That was according to the WaPo in 2016.

What do Argentina, Costa Rica and Brazil have in common?

They all outranked the United States in a comparison of election standards and procedures conducted by the Electoral Integrity Project. The United States ranked 47th worldwide, out of 139 countries.

That was an important fact to establish before the 2016 elections, because if a Democrat loses, the narrative will be that there is a high probability that there was "interference" in the election, possibly by a foreign power like Russia. 

During the first two years of Trump's term, the integrity of the 2016 election was constantly impugned. Trump and members of  his administration were investigated and even charged for conspiring with Russians.  There were accusations he was a "Russian Agent".  Members of Congress, the media, Hillary Clinton, and countless Democrats declared Trump "illegitimate" because the 2016 election was "rigged, interfered with, etc". 

Fast forward to 2020 and beyond. Suddenly, even though election integrity measures had been extensively damaged by mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes, increased lack of voter ID, election observers being removed from ballot counting areas due to "broken water pipes", etc. Anyone questioning the integrity of our elections as the WaPo had in 2016, and Democrats at all levels including Hillary would for the entire Trump term,  is now at least a "conspiracy theorist", if not a downright criminal, as is supposedly the case with Trump. "Justice" depends on politics. 

Multiple indictments of the likely Republican nominee in the runup to 2024 are of course NOT "election interference" in any way. The suppression if the Hunter Biden laptop information immediately prior to the 2020 election was also NOT "election interference". The list of actions taken to interfere with 2020 is long, and the list of interference for 2024 gets longer by the day. 

If someone wanted election integrity, the measures to obtaining it are simple. Mandatory voter ID, no mail in ballots, no drop boxes, same day voting at voting places with bipartisan observers, and strictly limited absentee ballots only filled out onsite at a county / precinct office with video monitoring of ID / registration being verified. We could consult Argentin, Brazil, Costa Rica or even the "top 10" nations with the best election integrity. 

Anyone not wanting to cheat would be in total agreement with these measures. If you are not, you are actually a threat to democracy, since the integrity of your vote is the foundation of democracy. 

If we want to maintain our Democratic Republic, we need a system at least as trustworthy as our banking system, and ideally moreso, as the measures listed above are easier to understand than the measures taken to insure the integrity of our financial systems. 

If you want election integrity, these measures will seems obvious to you. If you have qualms about ensuring the integrity of our elections, please consider your reasons, and what that means relative to your support of democracy. 

We are NOT a "Banana Republic", we are a "Democrat Banana Republic"! 

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