Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Making Martyrs

A "martyr" used to be a person killed for their religious beliefs.

That is still true to a significant degree, it is just that the "religion" is secular. George Floyd, Gabby Giffords (she didn't die, but it still works), JFK, MLK, RFK ... etc. Today's religions are appropriately secular ... progressivism, state prosecution of people deemed dangerous to the Narrative,  Science", Climate Change, etc. 

The linked article exposes the fact that the far-right is nefariously attempting to get decent women into their evil fold so they can be martyrs. We can be gratified that we are assured there isn't such a thing as a "far-left", only people that correctly stay in complete sync with the always correct always malleable narrative of the day (NOD). So what do these poor "softly attracted" women do? 

They often work behind the scenes to advance conspiracy theories through social media and softly attract new women into the fold. But at the same time, in recent years “alt-right” women have also shifted to influential public-facing roles in right wing media production and far-right national politics.

Things that disagree with the Narrative are conspiracy theories, The 2 year headline story that Donald Trump was a Russian agent and the 2016 election was invalid because of that interference was NOT a conspiracy theory, because the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, media, etc all agreed it was gospel. The fact that it turned out to be baseless is thankfully forgotten. If radicals ever bring it up, it was at worst an "honest mistake",  NOT a conspiracy theory. Blessed be the Holy Narrative. 

The fact that 51 former security officials declared the Hunter Biden laptop to be "Russian Disinformation" right before the 2020 election is also NOT a conspiracy theory",  however the people that claimed it was real, and very damaging to Biden, WERE taking part in a far-right conspiracy theory. 

Today, the NY Times notes that the laptop is real, damaging to Biden, and has nothing to do with Russians. Again, at worst, apparently there was just another "honest mistake",  that somehow caused 51 former security officials to swear the whole laptop story was a conspiracy theory, and that 51 of them made the same honest mistake and decided to make a statement in no way had any intent of influencing the election.  That would be "bad", by definition, something only the "far" or "alt" right engage in. Anything that causes you any discomfort with the Holy Narrative is a lie perpetrated by the far-right.

The Narrative Creed needs to be imprinted on your heart!

I believe in the one true and ever changing Holy Narrative, 

Created by the Holy Trinity of the Holy Democratic Party,

The Holy Administrative State, 

and the Holy Media, 

for the eternal benefit of all who adhere to the doctrine of the Holy Narrative 

When Ashli Babbit was killed by Capitol Hill police during the January 6 attack, she was promoted as a martyr, with even the former US president Donald Trump calling her parents. “Women make better martyrs in the ‘alt-right’,” Jeppesen said about Babbit’s lingering effect."

How could anyone believe that Ashli, an unarmed female veteran taking part in a mostly peaceful demonstration, shot at point blank by an officer under no threat of death, great harm, or bodily injury be considered a martyr? It is not like she had a lethal dose of Fentanyl in her body, was passing counterfeit bills, and resisting arrest, whereby she could be a legitimate martyr. 

Anyone thinking such thoughts is obviously a heretic against the teachings of the Holy Deep State Narrative, and should gladly receive re-education. 

Tragically, the peril is even deeper! 

Another growing power on the far right is Moms for Liberty, a group that began as a small parents’ rights group but which has spread across the US and is a leading force in promoting book bans.

Some heretics claim that these books are not actually "banned", but only restricted to children of appropriate age, something like putting ratings on movies. Obviously this is dangerous misinformation, and it is absolutely clear that is this a ban. Even more tragically, there are primary school children being denied access to important education by loving Drag Queens, and important instruction in all aspects of health affirming gay, lesbian, and trans sexual practices! 

I tearfully confess I suffered the abuse of not even having Playboy on the library shelves in High School, and was forced to search for bare breasts in National Geographic, the horror of which is why I am demanding reparations. Hopefully the damage caused can be reduced by medication and counselling, but there is no substitute for reparative cash!

Apparently, our society had not progressed enough to realized that denying my access to Playboy was in fact a ban on Playboy in those ancient times. 

 Far-right mothers start building rapport with other parents, using the vulnerability of their children to open the door to QAnon conspiracy theories and anti-government sentiment.

This far-right conspiracy to interact and possibly influence other parents to become so confused that they become vulnerable to conspiracy theories,  possibly even anti-government sentiment, is so frightening I really suggest you avoid the horror of reading the article! We need to constantly repeat the government prayer ... "The government is great, the government is good, we thank it for our daily bread"! 

One can only applaud the Guardian for their staunch support of the Holy Narrative, and even though painful, having the courage to warn us against the creeping disinformation of the far-right! 

Praise be to Biden! 


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