Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tik Tok Warfare


I'm pretty sure anyone that reads this blog is aware that social media is a danger, especially for our youth, and especially for our democracy. 

What we may not get is just how dangerous ... and how specifically managed by China to take us down. 

“Beijing’s digital fentanyl” is how the Federal Communications Commission’s Brendan Carr describes the app. “The problems present themselves as soon as you sign up; it starts feeding you content directly from a Beijing-originated algorithm.” Mr. Carr is one of many Americans calling for a total ban on TikTok. One reason, he says, was a recent study showing that accounts set up for thirteen-year-old girls were offering self-harm and eating-disorder content in as little as three minutes."

I spend a tiny amount of time on our mass (Democrat propaganda) media.  I touch on it through "Google News" to be marginally aware of "Vox Populi". Topics consist of: 

  • A daily dose of  Trump Derangement Syndrome"  ... lawsuits, how terrible his business and campaign are going, somebody either accused him , or are going to accuse him of of something. All of this is a very serious threat to our nation, the world, the universe, etc 
  • Something about Biden is "better than expected" or "misunderstood". Whatever is being said that doesn't sound good is "misinformation", unfair attacks, or just misdirecting us away from "the important stuff"! Like TRUMP! 
  • More money, tanks, missiles, aircraft, etc for Ukraine! It's a big deal now, not so much when Russia took Crimea when Obama was in office. Putin is evil, but there is no danger he might escalate just because the west is pouring everything they can muster to his opponent in Ukraine. 
  • Hollywood, sports, British Royalty, etc "stars" activities, views, etc 
  • Racism, white privilege, attacks on "gays, trans, non-binary, whatevers" by horrible "far right, ultra MAGA, White Supremacist Fascists ... 

"The balloon" was a major topic for a couple days, but turned out to be "well. what about Trump!" ... supposedly there were balloons while he was in office, but nobody told him.

Five black police officers beating a black man to death has been big lately. Clear proof of systematic racism if you are slow on the uptake.  

Back to our subject ... 

"Over the last year at least seven Republican governors have taken steps to ban TikTok from government devices amid spyware concerns. In December, Congress voted for the same rule at a federal level. The Biden administration has been criticized for a drawn-out review of whether the Chinese-owned app should be restricted. Wisconsin representative Mike Gallagher (interviewed on p.26), chair of the House select committee on China, says that “allowing the app to continue to operate in the US would be like allowing the USSR to buy up the New York Times, Washington Post and major broadcast networks during the Cold War.”

It is mostly Republicans that seem concerned, so no doubt it is kind of like the balloon ... nothing to be concerned about, and Tik Tok was around under Trump, so ... never mind. 

The irony is that in China, TikTok provides users with a more optimistic outlook and encourages users to become moral citizens in the eyes of the CCP. Douyin, which is what TikTok is called in China, is a hit even with parents. Despite efforts of its parent company ByteDance to present Douyin and TikTok as the same product, they are actually two separate entities. In China, if you are under fourteen, your Douyin use is capped at forty minutes a day. It also feeds you different content, with education at the forefront. Art, science, architecture and pro-CCP content are also pushed. In a recent 60 Minutes report, Tristan Harris, co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, compares the Chinese version to “spinach” and its exported, Western version to “opium.”

"How ironic" that a nation would use available technologies to strengthen itself and weaken it's opponents. 

Do people watch 60 Minutes anymore? No idea, but it doesn't strike me as a far right fascist ultra MAGA outlet?  Since there are 138 million active Tik Tok users in US (2/3rds under 30), it seems that more people being aware of this might "trump" all of the points above.


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