Thursday, February 9, 2023

Beautiful Balloon EMP Warfare?

Just because you aren't paranoid doesn't mean that someone is not out to get you!

The beautiful Chinese Balloon was declared "harmless" by illustrious our illustrious leader. Since he is a buddy of the Chinese, I'm sure he, Hunter, and his whole circle of the Biden Crime Family would live in the lap of luxury in the PRC were something untoward would happen to us. 

After all, there could be a natural EMP disaster caused by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) ... it happened in the 1800's and if it happened today, it would be an unprecedented disaster

So even if you are confident that I'm a tinfoil hat loonie on the PRC danger, the natural version would be even more deadly. 

Now I know the Biden Crime Family and our entire Davos Elite oligarchy are entirely trustworthy, and would never allow such a thing as a PRC EMP attack to happen, and then cover it up as a natural event!  We know that Covid came from a bad little bat that went to market, and not some nasty lab funded to enhance the lethality and transmissibility of a virus. They simply would not lie to their loyal subjects!  

So, thankfully, we have nothing to be concerned about! We can focus on the important stuff like Transgender, racist Black Police killing a Black man, the horror of 7 years olds being prevented from expressing their "true selves", and of course the never ending evil of the deplorable fascist ultraMAGA people lurking among us! 

The good guys are in charge! 

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