Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Is Man Good By Nature?


One of the core tenets of  leftism is that man is basically "good" -- "The noble savage".  The assertion is that society that corrupts, and if society lets "nature take its course" ... usually focused on the goodness of removing sexual mores ("repression"), we would basically get back to "The Garden". 

Religions say that man is "fallen / not enlightened / etc" and needs religion, family, and society to be moulded into being "civilized" rather a violent savage.

The link is to Jane Goodall's observation that chimps were very violent forced a lot of the left to realize that there was a snake in the drug fueled "garden" postulated by many 1960s leftists. 

"Make love not war" turned out to not be as "natural" as the mostly wishful thinking "humanists" thought. 

Perhaps man needed to accept his fallen nature, and be Baptized and led by the Holy Spirit to actually experience love. 

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