Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bronze Age Mindset

The link is to an excellent review of the book by Michael Anton whom I highly respect.

I have read the book. I find it "weird and offensive" which is clearly intended by the author. It was published in the middle of 2018, and to support my "weirdness claim", on page 85  he mentions that "the. Trump family knows the secrets of Tesla". I'm not going to go and dig into what these may actually be ... my guess is that this is a "conspiracy theory" like the old "the auto and gas companies have a carburetor that would give you "hundreds" of MPG, but they collude to keep it secret". If you want to go down that rat hole, here is a portal ... vast free energy, wireless power, and who knows. "The conspiracy" discredited him and he went into hiding. 

I tend to  disbelieve conspiracy theories, but there are many that buy them. There was once was one that claimed the Russians, major oil/gas producers who had paid millions to prevent fracking by the US and Canada, colluded/conspired with Trump (a major supporter of fracking) to get him elected over Hillary Clinton, (a major opponent of fracking). 

Hard to imagine anyone would be taken in by that, but since millions were, it shows that conspiracy theories can work! 

The book is allegedly written by "Bronze Age Pervert", whose identity is very shadowing, there anr claims/conjectures that he is actually a PHD of some note, and that the weird apparently uneducated syntax and spelling are just more cover for someone who presents at least a moderate threat to current CRT, progressivism, wokeism, etc 

Politico covered it here in August 2019, with comments like: 

Most of the well-known figures associated with the alt-right or “alt-lite” — Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Richard Spencer — have been successfully demoralized, deplatformed or otherwise banished from the public square. But this has not eliminated the underlying source of their relevance: disaffected young men, mostly white, with internet access.

The spectre of "disaffected young men, mostly white, with internet access" is the woke equivalent of anti-communism in the age of McCarthy -- with "deplatforming" being the key mechanism of suppression as opposed to the "House Un-American Committee" in the 1940s. 

The Antton article is worth the time. This excerpt from the Politico link above gives one view of the book: 

The 200-page book mixes Nietzschean philosophy with critiques of contemporary Western society, denigrating homosexuality, Judiasm, Islam, feminism and much else along the way. “Inside every noble Greek was an unquenchable lust for power,” is one fairly typical statement. “Modern world not bad just because modern,” is another, displaying the author’s habit of lapsing into broken English by dropping articles. The book claims that the leaders of the European Union have “tiny moleman eyes.” Many of its passages are profane and unprintable.

For those who are too distracted by video to read, perhaps audio is still a possibility. This podcast is excellent, although the tech problems are distracting, but Steve did an excellent job of editing.

Rather interesting that as I post this, Russia has just invaded Ukraine  ... perhaps BAPism is going to actually be a force in the real world!    

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