Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Suicide By Clinton

Dead reporter who broke Clinton Lynch tarmac story

Ho hum, another person with connection to the Clintons in some way "kills themselves". It could be true, it seems like any sort of association with the Clintons would lead one to at least consider suicide. Or, it just could be that if you choose to say anything negative about them ... or may even just be suspected of being about to do so, it is sort of like "suicide by cop" ... although in this case, "suicide by Clinton". 

One of my favorites is this tragic "barbell accident" where John Ashe had his neck crushed by a barbell. Anyone who has ever lifted even a tiny amount knows this is basically impossible. Unless you are lifting the neighborhood of 300 lbs, where the bar starts to flex, you just leave the collars off, and if you get into trouble you just drop one side and "bang, bang", the weights loudly fall off. 

Lots of people that likely had damaging information on the Clinton's have just "gone away" by one means or another. Naturally, to even consider that there may be some relationship here proves one is a mentally deranged "conspiracy theorist". 

Rational, sensible people have massive two year investigations into how Trump may have "colluded" with the Russians to defeat Hillary. After all, the Russians are huge energy producers who have spent millions opposing fracking, how could anyone doubt they wanted anti-fracking Hillary elected? 

Sensible people know that Epstein hung himself and Biden was legitimately elected! 

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