Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Rioting for Boogie


"Boogie" is a name that will likely outlive George Floyd in our minds. It is after all very catchy. 

US marshals shot and killed a black criminal that was shooting at them, ergo .,. RIOT, LOOT! 

Oh wait, the "demonstrations veered"! 

The Star Tribune reported last night at 7:19 pm: “Thursday night’s protests were relatively small in comparison to the widespread demonstrations that followed Floyd’s death but still occasionally veered into vandalism and arson.”

“Veered” represents a creative choice of verb for rioting. The subject of the verb is “demonstrations.” The verb takes no object; its use here is intransitive. What we have is the Star Tribune version of crime without a perpetrator or a victim. That is really well done.

We may as well cancel all enforcement of black crime. If you can't shoot back at a suspect with a long record who is shooting at the officers, why bother?  

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